Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Looking Back

I happened to notice that I've been doing this for six years (almost exactly, my first post was on May 12, 2003), so here's a retrospective:

Here's what I wrote on this date in 2003.

Here's what I wrote on this date in 2004.

Here's what I wrote on this date (or close to it) in 2005.

Here's what I wrote on this date in 2006.

Here's what I wrote on this date (approximately) in 2007.

And here's what I wrote on this date in 2008.

My life like a pornography of motion, shutter speed set at once a year.


Morning weigh-in: 176#, 10% BF
Got a bunch of stuff done yesterday, which included mowing the backyard and paying some bills, but the main thing was bringing the Turner in for some service. Saucon Valley Bikes, I just made it there before closing and ran through a huge wish list: new chain, cassette, and crank/BB/chainrings, new pivot kit installed, and the front fork overhauled. Probably take around a week for stuff to arrive, and another several days for the work to be done; I'll be doing a lot of road rides, as well as finally busting out the singlespeed -- I found the missing GPS mount, and so can set up the SS like the others.
I was planning on staying in, but I got the call that the Naughty Knitters were going to Brew Works so I met Anne & Company over there. (Two of the company have not been getting along, and the evening was a bit subdued, but it looks at least like things are on the way to being patched up -- I fully expected the traditional Tuesday evening to not happen.) Two Loco Limes and four tacos, and we were out of there.
Tonight will probably be the last of the really nice days this week, so I'm doing a road ride, once again exploring the area east of Hellertown. Anne got more meetings, so I'm on my own for food though there's plenty of leftovers, and the garden is now in overdrive.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Halcyon Daze

Morning weigh-in: 173.5#, 12.5% BF
Nice ride last night, out through Freemansburg to my Williams Township roads (took Valley View for a change of pace), and back via Hellertown: 19 miles, 1:16 ride time, very pleasant. I wanted to ride out to the start of Wassergas Road and take that all the way back, but got a late start, and when I hit Raubsville Road I just made that the turnaround point. Got home just before dark, then met Anne at Brew Works, where she was catching up with some friends. Dinner was pasta pomodoro, washed down with a CH-47. It's a little cool out, but summer is here.

Tonight is a bit of a rest, since I'm bringing the Turner in for some work, then maybe doing the lawn or such like after that. Stupid summer...

Meantime: I can't eat them so I'm not really sure what all the fuss is about, but the big buzz lately has been the wild morel crop. Anne got a bunch yesterday, and everyone seems to be going out mushroom hunting. Me? I'm just gonna rock down to Electric Avenue...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Lunchtime Quarterbacking

Morning weigh-in: 174.5#, 12% BF
Back In The Game: The weekend turned out to be pretty nice, and of course that meant I'd be making up for lost time... I had off on Friday so I went out for a nice medium-sized road ride, basically a mashup of my old Hellertown/Williams Twp and Mud Run "benchmark" rides. Almost exactly 45 miles, and almost exactly 3 hours, not great but not bad considering the hills, headwinds, and traffic I had to deal with at various times. After the ride I met Anne at Wired; I left there to go on a towpath ride with some friends, but just as I was about to start it it started to rain, and I was tired, and radar blah blah... I made a few phone calls, killed the towpath plans, hopped in the shower and -- the sun was shining again when I got out. Oh well, no biggie except I canceled a group ride over the nonexistent rain.
Saturday was Raystown Lake. I was up at 5:30 AM, and driving by 6:30, met the VMB contingent at their campsite and I'd guess we (me, Doug, Bob, Rich and "wolverine" Mike) were riding by 10:00 or so. Awesome place, and the trails were very different from the type I'm used to: somewhat wider & smoother, but twisty and with a lot of up-and-down; the climbs were big but they had plenty of built-in breaks, and the downhills had plenty of opportunities to become airborne. Deceptively simple-looking stuff, aerobic and tiring at speed.
Mike's bike suffered a mechanical and he had to turn around, then we ran into Kevin and Mark from NJ. Mark turned out to be lightning fast, and he and Rich -- and how did he get so fast all of a sudden? -- managed to wear out the rest of us chasing them. When we got to the trail junction which was sort of our point of no return, some of us (Rich and Mark, plus Doug and Kevin a little further back) continued on, but Bob and I took the return trail. I needed lunch!
We got back to camp, relaxed and had something to eat, hanging out with the rest of the VMB crew (Heidi and Dawn, and Mike who was stuck with a broken bike), and then I decided I had to get in a few more miles, it was now or never so I hit the smaller (and less complete) Eastern section of trails. It was nice over there, not as nice or as finished as the first trails I saw, but I was tired so I might not have given them my all... Five more miles or so, at a very slow pace -- did I mention I was tired? -- and I was done for the day. Pack and go, and I was home by 8:00 or so, just in time for the evening's drama.
Back On The Boat: My plan all along was to try and get my full 120 miles in, despite only having three days (in a row) to do it this week, but when I woke up on Sunday I was all about kicking back. While Anne went to get her mom, I sat down at the computer and put in two solid hours on that MTO program. I have no idea yet if it will pay off, but I am now about down to about an hour's worth of coding before I'm finished. In terms of my map obsessions, I also made a few wrapper scripts for gpsbabel.
After that came Mother's Day. Anne drove her mom down for a visit, and her sister also came down, and after breakfast at Blue Sky (highly recommended) we checked out the downtown Art Fair. Some coffee at Wired, some tea and conversation at home, a pretty nice end to the weekend. Dinner was salad from the garden.
Tonight I'll be hitting the road.