Friday, May 29, 2009

Salad Days

Morning weigh-in: 176#, 11% BF
I haven't actually been eating any salads lately (see weight above), it's just for the last few days, that the world outside my work window has looked like a huge cauldron of steamed greens...
Wedding Cake: Erika's wedding was last Saturday. Awesome party, and I took 114 pictures (and a few videos) -- I'll post the keepers within a few days. Judy made the food (and she's a known good cook but even so it was all shockingly good), Kelly Jo and Arvids catered, and Eamon bartended, and Ben DJ'ed, and the rest of us partied... Anne and I got there hours early so she could put the finishing touches on the cake, and it was beautiful, but in the end some kid bumped into the table, knocked some layers over and it was only fit for eating after that. Nom nom nom... Anne took it in stride, but it was a shame that Toby & Erika couldn't see it in its glory, luckily I have pictures.
One neat surprise was a cameo by West Coast Megan, who flew out to be at her best friend's wedding.
Let Them Eat SS Video Linux: I took some video at the wedding, but held my camera sideways for a more upright shot. Now I have sideways video, that I need to rotate -- what to do? What I did do was download MEncoder, and use that to rotate the videos. I have no other video editing tools, and really know nothing about video. Hmmmm, new project?
The rest of the (four day!) holiday weekend was taken up with riding, BBQ's, and sleeping. I got my Turner back from the shop, ready (I hope) for Big Bear, so tonight I'll be riding -- for the first time this week-- eating/drinking, and then sleeping. Tomorrow is yoga, and a visit to Anne's brother Joe.