Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Brown And Green And Pink

Morning weigh-in (Monday): 184.5#
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 185#
Those were the colors I saw on the way in yesterday morning: off to my left at the bottom of Jugtown Mountain was a plowed field, sort of rolling ground, with just a nap or fuzz of green poking through, looking almost like folds of multicolored velour. The earth was a wet-dirt brown and the green was early-spring green, and just to my right was a tree, maybe a dogwood in bloom, the light flowers almost like cherry blossoms. The sky was blue with white puffy clouds, it was beautiful.
So I got in a good ride on Sunday after my trip to Arizona, and Saturday's do-nothing-as-the-rain-falls-fest. (I missed 100 miles for the week and 300 for March, but I was just too tired to go out for a training ride in the cold rain. Oh well.) It was a good tempo ride, 75 minutes in Zone 3 -- I got down past Wy-Hit_Tuk Park and back to the Forks of the Delaware before my time was up -- then did a nice mellow bike path ride before meeting up with the towpath again at the public boat launch. Three hours or a bit more, thirty five miles, pretty nice and the day was very pleasant.
 I was pretty happy with this ride's HR zones after my last ride, which was supposed to be the cruise intervals -- the new workout for this period -- but was a disaster: HR not going up after the first interval, and the workout not being properly set up on my Garmin; I ended up doing an easy ride out after the first interval, and a series of standing sprints on the way back. An OK ride for what it was, but not what I had in mind... Tonight is another go at the cruise intervals.
More on Arizona in a later post...