Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Party Photos

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I just posted more photos on flickr; this batch is from last night's VMB Christmas Party. Had a good time there, but it was a late night which caused me to skip yoga this morning...

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go to Fred & Lara's "Solstice Party." Should be good.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Woo Hoo! Another Milestone!

Don't Ask
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Morning weigh-in: 168#, 10.5% BF

This photograph is my 2000th one on flickr, which means I posted a bunch this morning, mostly from the re-gifting party last night. Go check them out, most of them are better than this.

Good day yesterday: rode the benchmark in 1:45, not bad for this time of year, my mellow-ride intentions, and the fact that I was on the Iguana. Wed roads, spring tights, it was pretty chilly, at least for my shins... Got home, few chores/errands, hit the gym for alterna-workout nite, more chores, then I went to the party. Very strong sense of community last night, lotta social interactions, some of them of a revelatory nature that I am still digesting...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Off And Spending Money

Morning weigh-in: 169.5#, 11% BF

Tuesday was my last day of work until 2008, so I went out (on foot) to celebrate... Yesterday I spent most of the day recovering, which meant playing with the computer, walking around town, and riding the Iguana, until it started to rain.

Finally went to Nestors and bought some ski boots. The process was much easier than I would have thought; those guys really are experts and had no problems working with the ankle. I paid for that expertise though: the boots themselves came to about $699, and I also got them fitted, got special insoles, got some work done on those new (to me) skis...

Ah well, the skis were my Christmas present to myself, and "in for a penny, in for a pound," as the saying goes -- the boots should last for a long time, too, through at least a few sets of skis. Meantime, I found out yesterday that the skis I did get usually sell for about $900, so I'm ahead of the game -- and my inner miser can console himself with the fact that this is a drop in the bucket compared to what I'd spend, without batting an eye, on the bike. Of course, actually riding the bike is usually free, unlike Teh Downhill.

Evening yoga (many many back bends), dinner at Which Brew: Caribbean Beef. Tonight is the gym, then back to Which Brew for the re-gifting party. It looks super-nice out, I may go for another ride in a few minutes.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Advent And Stillness

Morning weigh-in: 168#, 11% BF (been there, done that, seen those weights)
Bad food choices yesterday for the most part, lucky break I wasn't punished too severely for it...
Things seem quiet, all the world is waiting for this year's Bottom Dead Center. I don't have much to say either: yoga last night, followed by a whole lotta nothing, unless you count the computer and reading. River colors were so-so this morning. If I finish what I'm doing here, I may take the rest of the week/year off -- I still have to buy new boots, but I want to go skiing in VT this week sometime, maybe hit Von Trapp for XC as well as downhill at Stowe. Meantime, tonight is the gym.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Morning weigh-in: 169#, 9.5% BF (Holiday season, steak-and-beer weekend, what did I expect?)
Here's a fun thing, and if they're to be believed, you're helping feed the poor too!
Walked around downtown yesterday in the rain: lunch and a coffee purchase at the Quadrant, then I stopped in at Porters later in the day. No food, just punching my ticket -- I am now about 20 beers down, of the 60 you have to drink to get your mug. Caught part of the Steelers game, saw some peeps, walked home, still raining. Played with the computer for a few hours,  noticed that the sun finally came out, but it was too late in the day to take advantage so I just went and dug out the car. That was some nasty ice-glazed snow, I had to bust out the camping shovel because the regular ones just couldn't deal...
This morning was cold but beautiful out, perfect sky, clouds and sun like breaking fresh bread, one of those rare days when the winter sunlight is golden rather than silver. Drove along the Lehigh & Muskenetcong Rivers on the way in, and the light on the water was my favorite gray-green "light on cold water" color. Bonus!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tin Soldier On A Pale Horse

There is apparently a dude in North Jersey who looks just like me, guy by the name of Barry that the Piccatinny crowd knows. I'm constantly hearing "Wow you look so much like him it's uncanny," and in fact I was at a restaurant once in Newton, and as we left, someone knocked on the restaurant window and chased us outside to say hello, thinking I was Barry...

I never met the guy, and everyone involved seems to get a kick out of the fact that we've never been seen together, like Superman and Clark Kent or something. Well I didn't meet him last night either, but I got to the dinner late, and Barry had been there, early, and left only moments before -- I ended up in his seat. The party was upstairs at the Long Valley Pub, where there are two staircases, and apparently he went down one as I was coming up the other. Much chuckling as we figured that out. (If that was a movie, they'd cut that scene as being just too implausible.) Pretty good party overall, too, nice people. Crazy-fun drive there too, Rt 57 then over Schooley's Mountain, via roads that seemed just one step up from dirt.

Which Horseman? Meanwhile, back at the stealth apocalypse... no, the other one.

Anyway, going to deal with the car now (the old one), I pretty much have it towed and sold, just have to go make the final handshake. After that I may go for a walk or a ride, depending on what I find on the ground outside. I might be going to a wake this afternoon: a woman I used to work with (she retired several years ago) passed away Thursday. The viewing is in Rockaway though, and I don't know what road conditions I'm willing to deal with. We'll see.