Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tell Your Mother That You Walked All Night On Velvet Green

Morning weigh-in (Monday): 177#, 10.5% BF
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 177#, 11% BF

The Wedding: Tom's wedding was great, good thing I checked the invite and realized it was on Friday! Ceremony in Pompton Lakes, reception at Skylands manor (ie Ringwood), and the hotel we all stayed at was the gigantic Sheraton near Mahwah, the one you can see from I-287. Lots of people I haven't seen in years, including John Briley and Kathy Baggsarius, plus of course Tom, Barbara, their families, Kevin & Betsy, John and Greg & Gia, Danny B, etc etc... Very different format for the reception: all sorts of small rooms, each with its own style of food, all sit-down and big-meal-like, but also very much like an extended appetizer hour or buffet, drifting from room to room or hanging outside, grazing and mingling, until they called us into the ballroom (the only room w/ AC there, whew) for coffee, cake and dancing. The big event though was the excitement waiting for the shuttles to take us to/from the reception -- were they late? were they coming at all? did we miss the last one? will there be room for everyone? The high point of the ride home was Kathy B, with her husband doing a slow burn beside her and me dying of mortification, telling my parents exactly who did or didn't sleep with whom in what room of their house, during the parties we threw while they were on vacation... Uh, thanks Kath... oh well, statute of limitations, 'n'all that. It was nice though to see how well liked my mom and dad are by my old friends -- when I went to bed my dad was still hanging out -- hey! hey! they're my friends! Get your own!

Saturday: was spent down at my parents, where we had a little get-together for my father's birthday. Mom, Dad, my brother Chris & his wife Tara, and my nephew Chris. Chris & Chris just got home from camping, and Chris & Tara only stayed a short while because they were going to see Van Morrison in AC, so it was total fly-by for a while. In the end it was me, young Chris and my parents playing "monkey in the middle" with badminton stuff. Chris wasn't too happy to see me go, but I hadn't planned on staying and I really felt a need to get back to my own space.

Home by say 10:00 or 11:00, went to see if anyone was out, hit Which Brew (quiet) and Porters, where I ran into a few friends and also heard Steve Kelly sing "52 Vincent Black Lightning," good ending so I went home then.

Sunday morning found me riding downtown to Coffee Works, then down the towpath to Sals, where I met Eric and then Doug & Lori a little later on. The heat really put a beating on me though, I was slow and very fatigued. Drank an entire Camelback (100 oz) then a 16 oz Gatorade, then filled and drank the Gatorade bottle several times at a water fountain, then filled the Camelback and drank most of that on the way home. Home, shower, laundry, then over to Eric (the other Eric) and Janna's for a BBQ, walked down to "The Cup" for ice cream afterward.

Monday was internet/email catch-up, more laundry and shopping for this weekend's camping trip.