Thursday, August 27, 2009

Got It About A Week Back

Morning weigh-in: 171#, 11% BF
Looks like I've been slacking a bit on the postings, it's been a week since my last one. What's been going on?
24 Hours of Allamuchy: This was the one we were doing as a memorial to Brian, and we raced as "Hahl's Disco Roller Dogs." Disco balls and inflatable aliens all over our campsite (plus a few aliens in the woods), disco-era costumes and music, and Karen got a giant vat of hot dogs cooking -- free hot dogs to anyone who would bust a dance move. Anne and I got there Friday night, and the hanging out was pretty cool, including a big group dinner back at Mama's in Hackettstown, but the weather became uncooperative -- huge thunderstorms overnight -- and except for a short, very hot and humid morning, Saturday was a washout. The race started auspiciously enough with Bob racing in a giant hot dog costume, and Cindy took the second lap; I went out with Joe, Karen, Doug and Rich to keep her company, and I was glad because that was the only riding I did -- we put out three more racers, and I was nerving myself up for a rainy night lap, when (at about 10:00) the race directors called the race because of all the rain, and my decision was made for me. Ironically enough, the rain stopped not long after... I was tired and went to bed a bit early, but you could tell there was a lot of unused energy in the woods: lots of hooting and hollering, and the last thing I heard was a crew of racers from other teams coming up to get their free hot dogs...
Bodhisattva: Friends Debbie and Donna have both recently taken to bicycling, and while we were camping and feeding the mosquitoes at Allamuchy they were taking advantage of the nice weather back home -- they had a real Adventure Bike ride, Bethlehem to Porters in Easton (and back in the dark) with several of the crustier customers from the local bike scene -- good friends of mine, of course! When we got home Sunday I was still jonesing for a ride, and Debbie was still enthused, so we hit the towpath again. Two days in a row, Deb was a hurting puppy by the time we got back, but I think we had fun.
Anne and I also rode with Donna yesterday, a mellow road ride north of Bethlehem. I used to joke that "Bodhisattva is French for sucker," but it's really fun to be able to share in their discovery and enjoyment.
Oh My Aching Back: I'm not sure what I did, but I've had a nasty backache since Allamuchy. At first I though it was from camping on a hard surface -- the pain happens only when I'm lying down -- but I'm back to sleeping in a nice comfy bed and it's as bad as ever, maybe worse. I suspect a broken rib, or maybe a muscle sprain, but unless I pulled something last Thursday at the gym I have no  idea how this might have happened. I'm getting a massage tonight, and I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow; hopefully I'll have some answers and a little relief soon.
Tonight we're hitting Porter's after my massage, and then Anne and I are heading down to Elk River for the weekend tomorrow (after the doctor visit).