Friday, September 21, 2007

Ice Nine

Crush Girl is a dead issue. That is all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ficht Nicht Mit Der Raketemensch

Morning weigh-in: 170#, 10% BF

Positively fiery hot lap last night on the towpath: 23 miles in 1:25, for a little better than 16.2 mph average. My personal best, when I lived on Southside and the distance was 25.4 miles (but I was 10 years younger & twenty pounds lighter), was 1:28, which pro-rates to 1:20 for the current route. So, not bad! Best part was, I got the whole ride in before dark. My legs are killing me today though, especially my calves. (Tonight is the gym, and I think I'll be skipping any leg workout.)

One bummer right near the end though: when I tried to make a left into my neighborhood, signalled, and was about to get into the left part of the lane, but a car behind me (black Toyota pickup actually, with a couple of Junior Yahoos in it) refused to let me over -- in fact sped up to cut me off. Almost hit me, I actually flinched. They turned the same way I did, and I chased them but they ran a stop sign at the end of the street and were gone. I don't know what I would have done if I caught them, except maybe get beat up, but I was livid.

Home, shower, then Which Brew for dinner and the Chain Gang meeting. It didn't quite work out that well: long wait for food, orders jumbled... The meeting itself wasn't all that great either, oh well. I wore shorts which are apparently a little too unfashionably short, got comment about it & an eventual grope from Gropey Girl -- I'm less OK with that than you might think, and will wear long pants next time I'm there. Also ran into Crush Girl at the end of the evening, but (sigh) there wasn't much rapport.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All Is Wellness

Morning weigh-in: 170#, 11% BF
"Happy the people whose annals are tiresome." - Montesquieu
We had the CIGNA Wellness Bike Tour stop in to work today. Stood around the parking lot for like an hour -- the cyclists apparently had gotten lost somewhere -- then listened to the HR director, deputy mayor & a CIGNA VP talk about "wellness." All this while Snotboy stood right next to me, totally invading my space (it wasn't crowded either, and I can say now that he smells), and doing his nervous-habit Snotboy thing: snorting, then coughing as he chokes on what he just snorted, playing with it in his mouth or whatever, shuttlecocking the snot back and forth between his nose and throat, over and over and over again -- gaaaaah! Good thing they didn't check my blood pressure... That's one hour I'd like to have back.
My own sinus issues seem to be waning. I took off last night: no ride, went to bed early and it seemed to help. I was thinking of working late again, but I now think I'll slip in a quick ride before the meeting.
Q: How much for the corn?
A: Arrgh! Buccaneer, matey!
Speaking of pirates, I wonder what the Flying Spaghetti Monster is up to?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jumble a Song Title And Put It Here

Morning weigh-in: 171# , 8.5% BF (my guesstimate is more like 14%, the scale's batteries must be dying)
Shout Out: Happy Birthday, Mom! I will call tonight.
Win Some, Lose Some Kept up a whirlwind pace last night: drycleaning, haircut, chores, gym, yadda yadda. All got done without a hitch until I went to the laundromat -- put laundry in the dryers, went to to get coins, the @#&$!!&! coin machine's busted and I have maybe three quarters in my pocket. Oh well, pack up wet laundry, go to Porters. I caught the 2nd half of the game, so I got to see myself win the office pool, $100. Sweet! Now I have to buy donuts for tomorrow.
Really not much to say. Working late again tonight, followed by a night road ride (or maybe I'll do the towpath), then I'll give the laundry another try. Tomorrow is a rest day, so I want to hit it pretty hard.
By the way, Doug and Lori are both sick, sinus infection. I've got a bit of that going on as well; we probably all caught it from Spanky who was sick as a dog at the BASH. Stupid shared bottle of cheap tequila... They (D&L) were going to host the Chain Gang meeting tomorrow night, but that doesn't look like it's happening now -- I'm going to call Which Brew, see if I can get a reservation on short notice. Hopefully people will still show up, I'm supposed to pick up my winter jerseys and some E-Load from my various contacts.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Culture Jamming From Beyond The Grave

Morning weigh-in: 172#, 12% BF
So anyway... Came in to work today and I had a new phone, with new phone number. Never had a phone at work, not sure I want one. (I will get the number out to those who need it -- but cell phone is still and always the best choice.)
I'll probably be working a little late tonight, skipping yoga -- I always get something out of the beginner class, but right now there are a bunch of true beginners in it and they might need more help than me -- in favor of drycleaning & a haircut, then I'll probably hit the gym. Laundry night, also Monday Night Football so I'll hit Porter's to catch a quarter or so, reload my sports camouflage for office conversations: "How 'bout them Denvers? Yeah that guy sure is a great homestar runner..."
They Are Immune To Your Recuperation: I know I was saying how disappointed I was to check out the old punk songs again, only to find some of the luster worn off -- but this is just Situationist comedy gold.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back From The BASH

Doug In The Rain
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And I had a blast! My photos are posted and can be found here.

By the way, a little perspective from getting away: I realized that the reason I've been so agitated recently is because I have a major crush on someone that I won't mention by name. I've known her, not well but for a long time, and always did think that she was hot and really nice, but all of a sudden, hmmmm... I have a feeling that nothing good will come of this, so stay tuned.