Friday, February 02, 2007

Waiting For A Call

Morning weigh-in: 182#, 11% BF

Got a new phone last night, the same model as the last one. All the data on the old one (ie phone numbers) are lost though -- no SIM chips for Verizon phones -- so I'm stuck rebuilding my contact list.

Meanwhile, bad news comes in threes: I found out at work today that my friends Art & Andrew from Easton, their father passed away, and also Glenn here at work, his father passed away as well.

UPDATED: For clarity.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Light A Candle, For Saint Brigid

Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 183#, 13% BF
Morning weigh-in (Wednesday): 183.5#, 11% BF
Morning weigh-in (Thursday): 184#, 10% BF

Well, today is Imbolc, at least according to some.

RIP: Molly Ivins. That's really too bad, she was cool.

It's been a rest week, which is what I had on the schedule: no workouts except yoga since Sunday; the schedule will probably be changing radically next week, since it's the start of the next phase of training -- still reasonably low intensity, but much higher volume especially on the bike. Meantime, I've been reigning in, or at least trying to reign in, my nutritional habits, probably an especially good idea for the week I avoid burning calories. I'm doing pretty well too, so far. (I'll live with a bit of backsliding this weekend, when I hit the Superbowl of Chili.) Lotsa cooking at home, pork tenderloin, tuna, rice & veggies, tempeh stir-fry...

What a Revoltin' Development: With all my "no workout" free time at night lately, I've been doing a lot of chores/errands at home during the week. One chore I did yesterday was laundry, where I managed to launder my phone. I'm not sure if it'll dry out and return to functionality, or if I'll have to get a new one. Don't expect any calls for a bit...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Closer to Seasonable

Morning weigh-in: 183#, 14% BF

(NOTE: Started this on Monday, finished it on Thursday.)

Friday night's towpath ride was a miserable failure; I felt so tired that I aborted it after only four miles and took the bike path back. I was hurting from Thursday's leg workout I think, but I noticed a lack of pep at the gym as well even though I was lifting the same weights. Well, this week is slated as a rest week, so I guess this week just came early. Got home, went out on foot to catch Post Junction at Which Brew, then took all day off Saturday: no yoga, no gym, didn't even leave the house until evening.

Got a call from Brian; he wanted to get dinner, and also wanted to "punch his clock" at Porters's where he's working on a mug -- you earn your mug there by drinking 60 different beers(over a period of time) in various styles, sort of like Beer College -- so that's where we went.

Sunday I again blew off most things, but eventually hooked up with Joe G and Gary for a quick (no kidding!) afternoon lop around Jacobsburg. Pleasant, burning some energy and blowing out the cobwebs, ground was still frozen over there and a light snow was falling.