Monday, January 29, 2007

Closer to Seasonable

Morning weigh-in: 183#, 14% BF

(NOTE: Started this on Monday, finished it on Thursday.)

Friday night's towpath ride was a miserable failure; I felt so tired that I aborted it after only four miles and took the bike path back. I was hurting from Thursday's leg workout I think, but I noticed a lack of pep at the gym as well even though I was lifting the same weights. Well, this week is slated as a rest week, so I guess this week just came early. Got home, went out on foot to catch Post Junction at Which Brew, then took all day off Saturday: no yoga, no gym, didn't even leave the house until evening.

Got a call from Brian; he wanted to get dinner, and also wanted to "punch his clock" at Porters's where he's working on a mug -- you earn your mug there by drinking 60 different beers(over a period of time) in various styles, sort of like Beer College -- so that's where we went.

Sunday I again blew off most things, but eventually hooked up with Joe G and Gary for a quick (no kidding!) afternoon lop around Jacobsburg. Pleasant, burning some energy and blowing out the cobwebs, ground was still frozen over there and a light snow was falling.

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