Friday, May 23, 2003

Did a little running around last nite, errands/laundry etc etc, managed to stop by Which Brew for dinner (2nd official nite open, looked like a good crowd) & hung out w/ Joe G & his new knee brace. Tonight is the trip out to Laughlintown, to spend the weekend bicycling in the rain, being old and checking out "Fallingwater" (if it's open).

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I was probably the last person on earth to do it, but at the semi-insistence of my friends I recently got a cell phone. The reason I got it (hooking up with friends, making and changing plans on the fly, sort of like these smart mobs) hasn't really panned out so far, but I did notice one thing: when I don't have the phone it's a non-issue, I don't feel naked without it or anything, but when I do have it, I feel like the phone legitimizes my presence in whatever place I happen to be, as if I'm some kind of suspicious character but luckily I've got my phone to prove my bona fides. Pretty wierd...

One other observation: I seem more attuned to other people's phones, who has one, what kind they have, what kind of features etc. Usually I'm pretty unaware of most gear, and immune to stereo/car/dicksize "Men's Health Buyers Guide" talk, so maybe this'll pass.

Next up: laundry, then the Chain Gang meeting. Our Memorial Day Birthday Party Trip out to the Laurel Highlands looks like it's going to be less than perfect, weather-wise.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Tonight: towpath (ehh), then WB for a charity event, but I was too late & things were winding down by the time I got there, oh well. Good night for an early bedtime. The new _Harper's_ came today, maybe do some reading.

Pretty nice weekend, I must say! Starting Thursday night: got in a good ride at Jacobsburg, had the place mostly to myself (it looked like rain), until I caught up with Scott & Lance... was riding easy and ran into a few groups, who were working hard & riding slower, so it was a bit of a confidence booster -- especially after Wednesday's super-fast "hanging with the big dogs" butt-whooping...

Friday night was the towpath, a little drizzle but very pleasant. Things are finally lush and green, like *really* green down along the river, it's like riding through Dinosaur Land or something. Met Doug and Lori, rode with them for a while. Which Brew is now up and serving beer (investor appreciation night), so that was Friday evening, followed by a stop at Porters to punch my ticket.

Saturday I blew off the gym and went hiking instead when the day turned nice. I hiked up Mt Tammany at the Water Gap, checked out a couple of game trails once at the top. Very unusual & gratifying sight: there were quite a few younger people out (high school / college), and they looked like they were enjoying themselves, not just dying from the walk. Nitelife: back to Which Brew (mug club nite) to assist Brian in his mug-buying and mug-utilizing duties, then when K-Jo threw us out we absconded to Porters for a bit more.

Sunday was fundraising for PPRAC at the Whitehall Wal-Mart. Kris R, Janna and myself on stationary bikes, Kris & Janna's dads, John Agentis & (later) Brian working the crowd for loose change. I thought it was a pretty good haul, but Kris said it looked a little light compared to other days. Needless to say, a very enlightening experience, crowd-watching-wise. Home, nap, frappucino, then down to Jabbers with Joe G.

Everyone here (at work) is complaining about the crappy weekend, but I've got *my* sore legs & sunburn...