Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Days You Can't BUY A Break

Morning weigh-in: 177.5#, 10% BF
I've been slowly shifting back the time I leave for work in the morning, and now I find myself habitually on the edge of being late, so yesterday I set my new phone's alarm clock to ring at 6:00 AM (absolute, final, no-more-snooze-button wake up time) and at 7:00, when I have to leave the house. The wake-up call comes in as planned, sounding like the crack of doom, and I get up. Doop de doo, do what I have to, which includes grabbing bike & gear for a ride after work, and I am out the door just as the second alarm sounds. So far so good, and once I cross the bridge I take a right instead of a left -- onto a smaller road, less traveled and fewer lights, I figure it'll cut a few minutes off my time except I come around the bend and... ROAD CLOSED. Gaaaa!! A quick right and left, and I am back on my original route, only a few cars behind my old place.
So we're all driving along, working our way through the traffic lights on Southside, and the parade gets caught at one of the last ones; when the car in the cross street gets the green it peels out and tears around in a big circle, smashing into the side of a car several lengths ahead of me -- a total POW! CRUNCH! kind of hit, crumpling both cars at the impact point, though luckily no one got hurt. I and everyone else call 911, and the cops are there in about a minute, and it's really only a few minutes more before things start moving again... my "shortcut" put me far enough back in the parade that I wasn't the one who got hit, but once again (and after the usual slowpoke shenanegans on 78) I was just a minute late to work.
Phone Update: I love my Droid. I've been getting all sorts of apps for it, including a bar code scanner, music recognition, a sky map, etc, all of it old hat to Blackberry/iPhone users I'm sure, but I'm having a blast with all my new-to-me gizmos. Music has been especially satisfying, since it turned out to be ridiculously easy to sync my laptop music with the phone.
Beautiful day today, and I'll be doing a road ride from work. The gym lands on rainy days this week (yesterday and tomorrow), and hopefully Friday will be nice enough to do a Round Valley ride after work.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Morning After

Morning weigh-in (Monday): 177.5#, 10% BF
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 177.5#, 10.5% BF
Things are trending downward, but I did a lot of eating this weekend as well as a lot of riding, so when I stepped on the scale I was worried about which one was winning the race... Awesome weekend, best birthday weekend ever.
We stayed in Thursday night, even though I had Friday off -- I had a lot of new books to read, but I fell asleep within the first few pages of All Tomorrow's Parties, which only meant that we could get a good start to Friday morning's errands. (OK, we slept in, but still.) Ran around for a good part of Friday: banking, shopping, then Anne took me over to the Verizon store and got me a Droid -- sweet!
Later in the afternoon -- strange how the day just flew -- we got in a towpath ride with Debbie on her new bike. This was my old Super-V, which had sat in a shed for years (unused, disassembled and partly cannibalized), until I had to deal with it as part of the move; what I did was refurbish it and give it to Deb, and Friday was the maiden voyage. It's funny: I used to love that bike, but I hadn't even thought about it in years, and now giving it to Deb and seeing her enjoy it was as good as getting a present of my own.
I had to go over to the tax place (Broad street, a short walk) in the evening, and on the way home I stopped in at Brew Works;  Anne met me there and we then went to the Starfish -- which we closed -- and then the Apollo -- which we also closed. Granted, they both close before midnight, but I was impressed. A great day!
Saturday was another late start, and another shopping trip, this time to the Farmer's Market, then home, got some things cooking, and then it was time for a road ride: Anne and I went down to Reigelsville and did a loop on the river roads, maybe 33 miles total and a beautiful if somewhat chilly day. Home again, some more cooking and cleaning and then we had a few peeps over for dinner. Ribs & beans, and salads of various sorts, and plenty of beers -- we had some already but I bought more, and everyone else brought some as well, plus vodka -- we are now swimming in booze -- and some really cool friends.
Sunday was another slow morning (I had no complaints), but it was another beautiful day outside. Anne went on a road ride with Deb and Kevin, and Donna and Andrew, and I started with them but I pulled off after a bit and went over to Sals, maiden voyage with my music on the Droid, where I ran into Doug and Eric and rode with them for a while. I felt sluggish and slow again; probably fatigue, and eventually bagged Sals in favor of some long slow towpath distance. Needless to say, that did nothing for my energy levels...
Yesterday was a rest day (also leftovers), tonight is the gym followed by Two Brew Tuesday, and tomorrow I'm probably bringing the road bike to work, likely followed by more leftovers.