Friday, October 03, 2008

Hail Hail

Morning weigh-in: 171.5#, 10% BF
Gym last night, then over to CSH for dinner. Nice surprise, some of the old Which Brew gals -- specifically Michele, Margarita and Carrie, whom I hadn't seen in forever -- were there, along with the usual crew (Anne, Judy and Lee). We hung out for a while & chatted, then the girls absconded and we listened to part of the VP debate on the radio. Static, volume issues; we lost interest and conversation returned to the usual subjects.
C For Success: Well, almost. I changed a few things on that program I'm writing, and all of a sudden it works, for reasons I don't really understand.
Tonight I'm riding the towpath. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy version of "selfish day."

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Golden Sunrise Mountain

Morning weigh-in: 170.5#, 10.5% BF (sigh)
Beautiful ride in to work today, fog/clouds over Jugtown Mountain, itself silhouetted by the early morning sun. I was also listening to Gang of Four's "Tattoo," the perfect song for driving in heavy traffic at high speeds...
Linux Voyager, Heavy C's: I decided to write a small program, something semi-work-related,  that would take a bunch of individual pieces ("cut lengths") of tubing, and and organize them into ordered lengths -- ie "sticks," or pieces of tube, around 40 feet long, that are meant to be cut into several of the smaller cut lengths -- for optimum bundling and shipping. This is a laborious process, something I can't stand and I've been doing a lot of it lately, but recently I came up with a clever method that organizes the pieces rather well, and can also be automated -- bonus!
The trick involves ordering the cut lengths by length, then divvying up the cut lengths according to a certain pattern. This looked to me like the ideal place to use something like a linked list, and decided to try my hand at doing this in C. I used to be pretty good at C programming, but that was like 20 years ago, and I found that I was pretty damn rusty, at least at first. I'm getting the hang of it again, and the code I need to write is surprisingly small for what I'm trying to do, so things should move along pretty quickly now -- all I need is a couple of rainy days.
Speaking of rainy days, last weekend was a wash. I didn't go to Vermont because it was pouring there, and I didn't ride locally because it was pouring here too, especially Sunday. I spent most of the weekend reading, or watching movies (saw Juno at Anne's on Sunday, gotta love a girl with Netflix), or surfing the web... we walked over to Brew Works, Sunday afternoon after the movie, and looking down from the Broad Street Bridge we saw that the Monocacy had gone over its banks, which in turn caused them to close Celtic Fest.
Tonight I'll be riding the towpath if it doesn't rain (otherwise I'm hitting the gym), then it's off to Porter's while the laundry dries. Last night was yoga, tomorrow night will be more yoga, and Thursday is back to the gym.