Thursday, March 21, 2013

Watersleep To Firewaking

Well, we're past the Green Cusp of Springtime, though you wouldn't know it from the dusting of snow on the ground around here this morning. Like the weekend's snowfall, and also Monday's, it'll probably disappear by afternoon.
Yesterday was a nice enough day, but I did pretty much nothing when I got home from work -- we'd been up late Monday (I picked up Anne at the bus stop around 11:00), then again on Tuesday (the VMB meeting -- my last as secretary -- and also Taco night at Brew Works, and a big chunk of the old crew was there), so last night was a night in, and an early one at that. Hot dogs for dinner, then I spent some time cleaning a whole bunch of music from my phone that I'd become tired of, and nhen putting a whole bunch of new stuff on, including a few of those eMusic samplers I got around Christmas, and one SXSW-themed sampler I downloaded last night.
Speaking of SXSW: How come Musikfest isn't cool like that? That's an example of a rhetorical question.
Anyway, no idea what we're doing tonight, but I have tomorrow off.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Is Around The Corner

At least, that's what I keep telling myself -- we are now back in a winter wonderland thanks to yesterday's freak storm. Accumulation looks to be an inch or less though, so this should disappear after a couple of warm days, if we happen to get any soon.... I drove home through the depressing weather, felt like I was skunked again in terms of riding, but when I got home I said "aw, screw it" and went out anyway. Just a towpath ride, and shorter/slower than usual because of snow resistance but it was fun and I'm glad I went. Hung out with the laptop afterward, working more on that program among other things, and then picked Anne up at the bus station when she got in.
Anyway, I've been posting some pictures onto Flickr, working my way a few at a time through the backlog (I 'm now into December I think). Enjoy!