Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sign Sez "Westinghouse," Wight?

I'm back. Never really went away, but the posting has been light because -- sorry, life has been busy and full...
Last week was the end of "Base 2 training," and I am now finishing up the rest week, and going a bit stir-crazy too, all grouchy from not exercising. Not sure what base 3 training is going to look like on the bike, but I should be pushing for strength and speed, so I'm thinking I'll add hills and sprints. In the gym I'll be switching to plyometrics, at least for the legs; I did some Thursday, learning the technique, and it really spanked me...
Quick Look At Last Weekend: I had off Friday, and rode over at Sals, then the evening's ride was on the towpath with Anne; we met Larry for a bit of the return trip as well. (Total ride time on the towpath was 3 hours because of all the mud., we were whooped by the end.) We ended up at Rippers for burgers -- even before the ride ended I was so hungry and tired, that was all I wanted in this world. Saturday was mostly chores and errands, since I overslept for yoga and was too tired for the gym. We crashed early Saturday night too, but hit Brew works for a bit first. (There was a "Zombie Anti-Valentine Party" at Wired, and Andrew had his wine tasting party Saturday night, but we missed them both. Oh well.)  Sunday -- after a road ride to Emmaus for coffee at South Mountain Cycles -- was bottling of the beer we made a few weeks ago. Anne's niece & her husband came down, and we got down to business, then had dinner at Mama Nina's and Belgian beers at the Steelgaarden. Awesome weekend! I have pic posted of the bottling, by the way.

This has been a rest week on the bike, and like I said I've been busy at work, so last night after my ride -- even with a "rest week" I had to ride Sals yesterday, and got most if it done before dark -- we stayed in. Anne baked cookies, and we just kicked back and read.

Woman opens her refrigerator and finds a hobo lounging inside. She yells "What are you doing in my fridge?!"
Hobo sez "This is a Westinghouse, right?"
"Well, yeah..."
"So I'm just westing!"

Try the veal.