Friday, November 19, 2004

Fatty Fatty Fat fat

Morning weigh-in: 182#, 12.5% BF

Nothing to say here, just passing through to drop off the bad scale-tipping news...

Oh -- I'll have my new bike probably tonight. If I do I'll be riding it on the towpath; tomorrow is Beth's Chili Ride (on the Turner), and Sunday will be trail maintenance at Salisbury.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

How Conveeeeenient

Well, finally got the phone guy out -- although he was supposed to show up tomorrow after 5:00 PM, he was here today in the afternoon while I was at work: landlord let him in. I got a message on my cell that he checked the line, and there was nothing wrong with it, he hooked a phone up to my connection & got dialtone etc, whatever is wrong, it was wrong with my phone. I thought "that's odd, phone and brand-new modem crapped out together" but I bought a new phone on the way home anyway. Just for laughs I tried the modem and it worked just fine -- ATH1 got a dialtone, regular old phone has no problems whatsoever either... WTF?? I figure the guy found and fixed something, like a loose connection outside (where it's their responsibility/cost), and just said he found nothing, so I'd get stuck with the bill for the visit. Fuckers.

Anyway, home phone's working, therefore home 'puter is back on the net. I kept up with my epix account via webmail, but my address had 1099 emails waiting for me. Right now is a little bill-payment catch-up, then I'm going out for a bite.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So uh, like I was saying...

Morning weigh-in: 181.5#, 13% BF

Rode last night, then stopped by Which Brew while laundry was drying: not much was going on there, kind of dead. Tonight is the Chain Gang meeting, and I might run down by the river beforehand. That is all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Morning weigh-in: 181#, 13.5% BF

No workout last night, instead fiddled w/ computer & did laundry. Also cooked an interesting dinner, tofu stir-fry with onions, garlic, wilted greens (arugula, baby spinach etc), and also some kimchi plus a little fermented red cabbage. I served it over rice w/ lemon juice, but put some tahini on the rice too which was a bit of a mistake, the flavors kind of clashed. I was up pretty late, so ther was no run this AM; I will either ride the towpath tonight (it's pretty nice out) or hit the gym & run there.

My boss's father just passed away this morning, 91 years old, cancer.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Conversations With Women

Morning weigh-in: 181#, 11% BF

Went to bed a little too early last night, 6:00 PM, and woke up at 12:30 for a little tossing & turning before dropping off again. Got up 6:00 AM, ran breakfast, work and now here I am...

Friday night: I stayed in, another early bedtime.

Saturday: got up early, got an early start on my day's errands, early breakfast at the coffee shop, and got to the gym way early. I only ran 2 miles so I had 20 minutes to kill, did some stationary biking before lifting with my trainer.

From there I drifted from one pleasant social situation to another, common thread was good conversation with various women I met along the way: Violetta and her co-workers at Nature's Way, then Mary M at Genesis, various people at the Quadrant, Maura the bartender, and also Rich F's wife, at Which Brew,and finally I went down to Englishtown for a High School friend's 40th birthday, where his sister gave me the lowdown on her life (kids older, she back to work) since we last talked. Really neat, social glue kind of day. The B-day party was pretty good in and of itself, too.

Sunday Morning I hung out with the parents, but had to leave around noon; I had to get back to Allentown by 2:00 for the PPRAC (aka "Perimiter Ride") kickoff meeting. That went well, as well, and things look good for this year. More on this soon...