Wednesday, April 07, 2010

No Buzz, Babylon

Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 177.5#, 8.5% BF
Morning weigh-in (Wednesday): 178.5#, 10% BF
I'm not sure why the body fat is reading so low; it looks like dehydration but I really  think I'm OK in that respect. Finally managed to break 178#, if only for a day -- that was the first milestone on my admittedly optimistic/aggressive weight-loss plan; as of now I am only 4 weeks, or 8 pounds, behind schedule...
Rode Monday night, did a 25 mile loop from work; I still felt a bit sluggish from the weekend but it was a good ride, and once again a perfect day for it. Last night was the gym (all upper body, no legs or cardio), followed by Two Brew Tuesday with the whole crew (Debbie & Donna are now both dating), plus Doug & Lori. It was a really nice evening out, like the first night of the summer season. Tonight I'm hitting Sals, hopefully with some others but we'll see, and then I'll either try and meet up with Anne -- she'll be out at her EAC meeting -- or go home to either the laptop, or a good book.
Geekout #1: I've been using GRASS to play with a Sals mapping project, mainly using a bunch of GPS data from various rides. For various reasons I've had to really jump through hoops to get that data into the right format and into my map, converting files, transforming between coordinate systems etc, but yesterday at work I realized that GRASS has a built-in feature that interfaces with GPSBabel, so though it's not really documented, GRASS can handle any data format GPSBabel can handle (such as the one my Garmin uses), and will convert between coordinate systems automatically as well. As soon as I got home last night I tried it, and sure enough it worked! I only wish I'd realized that sooner, it's fairly obvious now that I see it.
Geekout #2: In my rush to play with the computer I had to bypass a little UPS package, but just before I went out I opened it -- Happy Birthday To Me from a faithful reader! I got the latest Pynchon novel, plus some sci-fi paperbacks and an endurance training guidebook. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Crush Bunny

Morning weigh-in: 178.5#, 10.5% BF
I've been trending downward for a while, but 178# is the number I've been trying break... soon, soon...
Awesome weekend. I worked Friday, but brought the Turner, and hit Round Valley after work. I get out early on Fridays: I was at the Cushetunk lot by 4:30, hooked up with Jason and Warren, and we were riding by 5:00. Jason & Warren rode well, but my first Round Valley ride of the season is always a wake-up call -- I got stomped! It was perfect riding weather though, and trail conditions were about as good as they get. It was kind of fun, showing them around too, I sometimes forget how scenic it is over there. We did a loop, and returned via Old Mountain Road; as my fitness returns (and the sun sets later), we can stop cheating and do the out-and-back, but if we tried that Friday we would have been racing the last of the daylight.
Friday evening was an Easton evening. I cruised over to Porters and met Anne, and we were joined by Donna and Andrew and had dinner. Caught  caught part of the Trouble City All Stars show (they just keep getting better and better, and now have a horn section -- Donna knew the sax player's mom)  before heading over to Pearly Bakers. The Great White Caps (Nick P's band) was playing there, playing some kind of rockabilly/surfadelic (at one point they played "Teenage Werewolf," which I think they dedicated to all the "bearded old guys in the corner") and putting on a wild fun show. When we left the band was still going strong, ditto Donna & Andrew who were cutting it up on the dance floor, but I was tired...
Anne and I got up early (considering the night before), and went up to Jim Thorpe, where we met Pete H and did the Broad Mountain Loop. Again, another perfect day for riding, sunny and warm but not too warm. They still had a lot of standing water up there, especially on the man-made stuff like the jeep roads (the singletrack was fine), the jeep-road gravel was incredibly soft and muddy in places, and the two streams we had to cross were real spring torrents -- they came in handy for getting that mud off though. After the ride we visited in town with Anne's mom, and her brother, visiting from Pittsburgh, and her sister & family, down from Connecticut. I slept on the drive home, and it was an early bedtime for both of us.
Sunday was a rest day -- we went for a run. A very short one though, and an extremely mellow pace: down to the towpath for a bit, then up Main Street where we stopped for a cup of coffee and the paper. Home, breakfast, some chores etc, then we went back up to Jim Thorpe for Easter dinner. Good time with Anne's extended family and a whole lot of food, and another beautiful day.
RIP Alex Chilton I totally missed this. Anne's nephew-in-law Chris told me he'd passed away about two weeks ago, died of a heart attack not long before Big Star was supposed to play SXSW. I only know him from reputation and the hit "Bangkok," but that was still pretty sad. He was only in his late fifties, which doesn't seem that old anymore.
I brought the bike in to work today, and tonight I'm riding the road.