Friday, March 13, 2015

For The Record

Morning weigh-in: 197.5#, 11% BF

Just checking in to post those weights. I had some discouraging weigh-ins during that little hiatus, and also started eating breakfast in the morning (not the cause of my weight problems, but instead a step in the right direction) and I like to weigh myself under the same conditions every time, ie before eating breakfast, thus I was conveniently unable to do any official weigh-ins.

Those bad weights were in the 199#-200# range, by the way, nothing more serious than they had been, but discouraging after I started to try to keep track and cut down... Since the last post though, we signed up for a 10K+ running race and have been training, or "training," intermittently ever since; I've also started to do some light lifting and calisthenics at home too, which I think actually does more for weight loss than even the harder kinds of cardio.

There's a lot to write right now, bad and sad news -- we're fine, but that's not true for big chunks of our world, more on this when I can say more -- and much that's good as well, but all that news will have to wait for another day.

Except this: we decided to go to Denmark this summer; we'll be traveling with our friends Donna and John. Donna has friends there and visits every so often, and we decided to go along and see what this Nordic Socialism and Bicycling scene is all about.

Also this: we've been thinking of doing that "Warm Showers" thing, sort of a noncommercial AirBnB for cyclists. This weekend we're giving it a dry run, not with "Warm Showers" per se, but we've offered a place to sleep for some people in town for the Climate Change conference at Lehigh.