Friday, April 30, 2004

Here Comes The Weekend

Morning weigh-in (Thursday): 178#, 14% body fat
Morning weigh-in (Friday): 178#, 13% body fat

The weather has been beautiful the last few days. Wednesday night was a road ride, and last night I went running along the Lehigh; I also cleaned/lubed the mountain bike, still dirty from last Sunday's Michaux race. I got up early this morning, but didn't run: did an hour of overtime instead. Tonight I'm riding the towpath, tomorrow is that running race (also Mike & Carole's party), and Sunday is Bike New York. Looks like the 'puter work is getting saved for a rainy day...

Tonight is also Beltane (aka Walpurgisnacht), so I may drop by Which Brew to see what's cooking -- probably something Mexican, in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My Linux Voyage: Heading for Rough Water

Morning weigh-in: 176.5#, 14% body fat

Worked overtime (2 hrs) last night because it was supposed to rain -- it didn't -- then went to gym but was too tired to get in a good workout. Instead, I went home and decided to actually pay attention and figure out my sound problem. And of course, I found out, and it's fairly simple: there is a sound card on the motherboard, and there are kernel driver modules for it but they (& the kernel) are too old, incompatible with the new hardware. So, I have to upgrade my kernel. No big deal I suppose, it's just a bit of a pain, and more than a little scary if I screw up.

I've been trying to get up at 5:00 lately, but no dice. I remember trying to adjust to 6:00 and running, but this may be just too hard. This morning I also felt extra-tired, calves/achilles tendons felt tight so I didn't run. Got an email from Greg saying I probably made a mistake going for that confidence builder yesterday. Oh well.

I'll probably do a road ride tonight, then work on the mountain bike.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Morning weigh-in: 177.5#, 8% body fat

Ran this morning, my normal route (approx two miles) for time. Last time I did this I got 16:44, which was good but not a fast enough pace to break 25 minutes in a 5k. Today I tried harder, and ended up with 17:15, not quite the progress I was hoping for... Judging by my body fat, I think I'm dehydrated, and I'm still feeling the effects of Michaux, so I don't think I really have grounds for worry yet -- except that this is it, tomorrow and Thursday are easy runs and the race is Saturday, so this morning was the last chance for a confidence boost.

The Dave situation continues, building towards its climax. Doug called me last night, said he talked to Bob who eventually said the same thing as most other club members: "I don't want him in my home." Doug will now talk to Joe C, and the two of them will have to talk Dave out of being a member. Despite the fact that I don't like being around the guy, I didn't want to have any rejection be this hurtful to him. A little more graceful method might have been found, but that's all water under the bridge.

But that leaves Joe G. I still think this was a hostile (or rather, militant) act on his part, but I also think that it was a lot like Tim S from Englishtown. That guy used to bring up uncomfortable subjects all the time: if there was something you didn't want mentioned in front of a particular person, and that person showed up, you could be sure Tim would ask you about that thing. Coincidence? Maybe he could claim that, the first 1000 times it happened, but I think it was more like he enjoyed getting his covert digs in, fomenting trouble between people, and watching them squirm... Anyway, I think Joe (strangely enough, he, like Tim, was "the different one" in a large Catholic family) might have done the same thing here, deliberately foisting Dave on a bunch of people who don't like having him around -- but here's the cruel part: he may also be doing this to mess with Dave.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Weekend Update

Morning weigh-in: 176.5#, 13% body fat.

Friday Night: I worked on the bike, then continued reading Maus; I didn't go out. I've been screening my calls to avoid Joe; got a few rings (no message, and I don't have caller ID) on the house phone, then one on the cell that was from him. (Didn't return the calls & haven't heard back from him since.) I did get a call from Doug though, where he said he found out from Cindy, that Dave has joined the Chain Gang...

Saturday: I went to my nephew's 1st Communion luncheon (didn't go to the church ceremony). The luncheon was held at the same place as my brother's wedding reception. Kind of low key, but pretty cool. One interesting thing: my dad mentioned that we were right up the block from where he and my mom met, in 1960 I think, when he and his friends rented a bungalow on the Jersey shore, and my mom and her friends happened to rent the bungalow next door... Just before I left we walked up the block to take a look. My mom's bungalow was gone, but I got a photo of them in front of the one my dad rented.

Saturday Night: More bike work & reading (finished Maus, picked up Persepolis), then I went out for a bite & some company, ended up at Which Brew (surprise) where I had an extremely pleasant and interesting conversation with Virtual Pubbsters Mike and Carole -- mostly Carole, she's the talker of the two. They recently moved into a fixer-upper a few blocks from me, so they've been pretty busy lately.

Sunday: I raced at Michaux. Conditions were tough (a cold rain started just before the race) but I actually had a great time. I was the only one of my friends to go, though Chain Gang junior member Matt Miler was there (he took first in Junior Expert), and I saw Dona (3rd place Expert Women) and Rob Lichtenwalner (1st place, extra-long "monster course" race). My time was 3:00:45, which was good for me but nowhere near podium speed for the Sport Vet class. Still, a fun day.

Early to bed last night, no run this morning.