Monday, June 30, 2003

Writing this on "Sunday night," aka Monday morning.

Yesterday (Saturday, that is) I woke up to a call from a telemarketer, but with a twist: the message was a recording. There came a point where the recording said "Press 9 to order your Williamsburg vacation," so I did, then asked a lot of questions like "Who are you?" and "Do you know it's a federal crime for a telemarketer to use a recording like that?" and the human on the other end immediately hung up -- or rather, she transferred me to some (no doubt randomly chosen) landscaping business, possibly to screw up any star-69 (or whatever) attempts to track them down. Ahhh, but I'm on to them now...

Ran my usual Saturday-morning errands, had breakfast at O'Neils Coffeeshop downtown, then hit the gym for a light (ie summer) workout. First time back in a while, but the anti-vertigo stuff has been working really well, especially the spray, and I have no problems with lying down (say, to lift weights, or for that matter to sleep). Anyway, I felt good.

It was nice out, but since I rode every day since last Sunday and would ride today -- which of course is yesterday's tomorrow, or something -- I decided to take it easy physically for the rest of the day. I got a sub, some sodas and a frappucino, then grabbed Mason & Dixon and went down to Riverside Park (Riverview Park?) to spend the afternoon, about four hours and 100 pages and watching the Lehigh flow by.

A little revelation: I think I like M&D so much because the story (strange as this might sound) reminds me of myself, and of my own life.

Anyway, today (Sunday) I rode with Lee S and a few of his old Spoke'N'Wheel teammates, at Chimney Rock in Jersey. They were sort of taking it easy (when Lee or his friend Dave really open it up, I can't even keep them in sight) but we weren't slacking, and I felt good and could hang comfortably at the pace we rode; I felt especially confident over the many log crossings, just floating over them suckers. Ride wise, it was a very good day, and they're a fun bunch.