Friday, March 31, 2006

Nothing For A Man To Do But Sit Around And Think

Finished off the pork & sauerkraut last night, and the night before was the last of the chili. Tonight I may go out, or maybe I'll cook up some tuna w/ wilted greens. Right now I have a ton of food at home to choose from...

Linux Voyager, Next Port Of Call: I'm thinking of upgrading my system completely from the ground up, since right now I sort of have a jury-rigged version of Red Hat 8 (which was superseded several years ago by RH 9, then Red Hat moved all their non-enterprise to Fedora, and RH 9 was superseded by Fedora Core 1, 2, 3, 4 and I think version 5 was just released), anyway, I think it might be a good idea to just bring the entire system up to date in one shot. I'm thinking of trying Ubuntu, a new distribution that's generated a lot of positive buzz.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meme, Meme, Roses Are Red

Saw this post about Eugene O'Neill, and the post's title really stuck with me. I remember the song from when I was a kid, but the song that eventually got stuck in my head because of it -- all morning long, and counting -- is "Georgie Girl."

Went out last night with Doug & Lori. They took me to the drycleaner, then we tried getting down to Nature's Way but it was closed so we went to Porter's for dinner. Completely unrelated, but I had trouble sleeping last night from about 1:00 on (went to bed around 10:00), and woke up tired this morning. Long day so far...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Please Christmas, Don't Be Late

Cast comes off three weeks from today. Not that I'm counting the days or anything, just sayin'...

Made "Bavarian Pork Chops" (ie pork and sauerkraut) yesterday in the crock pot: prepped it Sunday night, tossed it in the fridge & put it on the heater before going to work. I was a little worried, since I used "pork lumps" (apparently meant for kebabs, since they came with little skewers) instead of chops, prepped everything before the meat was fully defrosted, and added celery, carrots & potatoes to the book recipe; I was a little skeptical about the smell before it got cooking -- it kind of smelled like bad cabbage when I took it out of the fridge. When I got home last night however, the whole house smelled great, and I immediately made myself a plate, and it tasted as good as it smelled.

I was planning to play on the computer after dinner, but I was so tired and sleepy I was in bed by 7:00. I'd been up late the night before, poking away at the 'puter, bored and desultory browsing long past the point of diminishing returns, so I figure the sleep was a better idea than the internet last night.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Twenty-four days until the cast comes off...

Went out yesterday, took a taxi downtown to do some errands: first stop was to the bank, make sure all funds were in order between my checking accounts, then it was off to the gym. Dawn set up a very serious "lighter weights but high reps" upper body workout, focusing mainly on my chest and shoulders (w/ plenty of other stuff as well), and it beat me into the ground -- but it was a good kind of hurt! I really needed that, it made me feel normal again.

With a little help from my friends: Brian helped me with laundry on Friday -- he picked me up & drove back to his house to dry clothes, we went to Which Brew for dinner while the laundry dried, then we went back, through a DWI checkpoint, to pick up my my clothes. Then, I got a call yesterday morning from Kris, asking if I needed anything while she was running her Saturday errands. She's out the other end of the Valley and I had Greg & Judy on tap for groceries in the afternoon, so I thanked her & took a raincheck. (By the way, her chili is better than mine. I'm working on it...)

Greg & Judy took me to the supermarket in the afternoon; they got a few things for themselves and I got another big order. (I have to say that they have the shopping thing down to a science.)

Since Doug helped me with drycleaning and also picked up a few necessities the other day, I am now very far from hurting on the domestic front. Hopefully, nobody'll ever need this kind of help, but when or if the time comes, they all have some major chips they can cash in with me.

Anyway, today looks reasonably nice out, though probably cold: I may go for a walk later in the afternoon but in the meantime there's breakfast and the internet.