Friday, December 26, 2008

Retrospective #2: North Carolina

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This was from the second road trip of the year, down to Western North Carolina (just below Asheville), with a bunch of the VMB trailwork regulars in late April. Me, Doug & Eric, Rich, Bob, Dave and Greg, a rented house down the street from the National Forest, and lotsa beer. Good times!

Retrospective #1: Moab

Looking back at 2008... This was from my first vacation this year, Moab and Fruita with Rich (left), Brian (middle) and John C who took the picture. It seems like years ago now, but it was only 8 months (and 10 pounds) in the past.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

A Christmas Scene
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Well here it is -- at last, or already? -- Christmas Eve. I'm sitting here at Wired, fooling with the laptop and enjoying some coffee. All, or almost all, of my shopping is done, there is snow on the ground though it's currently raining, and we're just easing into the day after Anne's holiday party last night.

Said party was a total blast: a few of my friends, a few of hers, some friends of her son and daughter, Corsendonk and Delerium Tremens and Weyerbacher (and homemade ginger ale and hard cider), and acres and acres of food... The theme was "Fabulous Shoes," but the real theme was probably "comfort food:" I made chili, Anne made chicken and mac & cheese, and Emmi & Ben made sushi and bread, and everyone brought all sorts of stuff. The party itself, aside from the food, was awesome, lotsa good times.

There have been other parties as well: the photo is from the Chain Gang Christmas Party, held at Joe & Dawn's and also awesome. I forgot how much fun my friends can be...

Anyway, now we're just hanging out. It's just past Bottom Dead Center for the year, and we're going to check out a holiday/solstice pageant tonight, Quaker kids singing followed by a potluck dinner.

Merry Christmas, everybody!