Saturday, March 07, 2009

All My GUY Friends Are Party Poopers

So it's Saturday, and I'm sitting at Wired with Anne. Second coffee shop of the day... Rode the towpath last night, then did the First Friday thing in South Bethlehem (me Anne, Deb, Donna, Scott and Joe); we ended up at the Tally Ho but the karaoke drove us out, and our feet took us naturally to Brew Works -- which was packed -- for the end of the night.

Strange thing: I ran into a lot of acquaintances, and friends, and people I knew, but -- except for Joe and Scott, who are really Deb's friends, and Deb's a friend I borrowed from Anne anyway -- I did not see one male friend of mine out last night. Walk into a gallery and there's a friend's wife, step into the Ho and there's an old Which Brew bud bartending, and over at the Steelgaarden we bumped into a biker friend and her whole posse. Dudes! You're dropping the ball, missing opportunities and generally making us all look bad...

Anyway, good ride last night, but very muddy: after the ride I had to strip in the foyer, quarantine my clothes and clean the floor after my shower; I spent part of the afternoon scraping off the dried grit & mud off the bike, but all is back to normal now. Yoga this morning, spinning tomorrow, and tonight will be a trip to Pearly Bakers to see that Talking Heads tribute -- apparently this is the ultimate buzz thing to do in Easton this weekend.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Morning weigh-in: 177.5#, 11% BF
New Shoes: I stopped in at Curt's Cyclery last night and bought a pair of Shimano SH-M182's. Went home, put on the cleats (panic attacks as things seemed not to be compatible, but all was well) and -- waah-LAA! -- I am back in business. I'll be trying them tonight, either on the towpath if I hear from my usual riding partner, or maybe Sals.
Tough week, I am glad it's (almost) over. Tonight and tomorrow night are the last nights for the Grand Re-Opening Dollar Drafts at the Brew Works, and since tomorrow night will be Pearly Baker's for that Talking Heads tribute show, I think we'll be hitting the BW tonight. Tomorrow is yoga and the gym, Sunday (if they have any openings) will be Janna's charity spinning class at Everybody's; if we can't make that we may try to do that Genesis Bakery Ride.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today In History

Morning weigh-in: 177#, 11% BF
Happy 45th Birthday to my brother Kevin! Today is also the anniversary of the Boston Massacre, and the third anniversary of my ankle incident.
Not sure what's going on, but my skin is all itchy lately, I'm getting nosebleeds (at least at work), I'm tired all the time and have had to skip several workouts this week, and that sudden jump in weight, wow. The first two I could ascribe to low humidity coming in with this cold snap, but I'm not sure about the  others -- except, I've been using cortisone again, hmmmm...
Weekend Recap: Anne and I got in a good ride with Doug on Saturday, mellow and fun despite the cold & wind, then Sunday (when we were supposed to go for a long Genesis-sponsored road ride, but blew it off because of the impending weather -- and it got canceled too, probably for the same reason) we went for an afternoon hike at Sals, probably got in a good 8 miles total while I did some more mapping. Saturday night was Porters, and Sunday night was Brew Works.
We hardly got anything from Monday's snowstorm, but there was enough on the ground to do some XC skiing on the towpath.
Spin Crash: Tuesday night is when it all fell apart. I went into the basement to do the interval workout I'd postponed from Monday, but after warming up I hit the gas and nothing happened: my heart rate would not rise into the workout zone, so I bagged the first interval, then I was so tired I couldn't even just sit and spin -- I bagged the whole thing, did a cooldown and was off the bike within 20 minutes of starting.
Last night was also a wash, but maybe not so bad: I blew off yoga to do a Sals ride, but first had to fuss with my bike shoes (I need to install new cleats and tried to get the old ones off last night, but the bolts are basically welded in place). After an hour of messing around I gave up, then decided I really didn't want to ride at all, even with the old cleats. I spent the rest of the night re-installing Google Earth and playing with some Sals maps.
Tonight is the gym, unless I locate some new bike shoes to go purchase.