Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And The Judge And The Jury Said "Blah Blah Blah"

An evening of running around last night, starting directly after work: over to Whitehall to pick up some altered clothes, Tulum for a take-out burrito, up to Lehigh for the VMB meeting -- I am now the new club secretary -- and ending at Two Brew Tuesday with Anne and (some of) the ladies. A chunk of the VMB crew came in for dinner too, so we all grabbed one of the big round tables. We got home sometime around midnight, and for some reason I slept in this morning, trading morning coffee & breakfast for a little extra sleep. Crappy and rainy this AM, perfect for catching a little extra shut-eye.
Anticlimax: I was working on making a set of GPX tracks for all of Sals about a week ago, and there was a lot of tedious repetition at one step, repetition and tedium that I knew I could avoid if I just automated the process. Unfortunately, and for reasons that aren't important, the usual ways to automate this wouldn't work. I thought about it, did some quick research, and figured out a way to to do what I wanted. Hours of thinking about it (at work, no access to my laptop), five minutes thinking through and typing out the command, hit return and -- ding! The job was done in the blink of an eye.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi R Round

Chuckle! Snort... Happy Pi Day! Stupid engineering jokes, can't get enough of them...
Yesterday was a bit of a low energy day for me, sitting in front of the computer watching the world end (and in case you want to do something for the people in Japan, here's a good roundup of charities). I finally got my act together later in the afternoon -- we got up at 11:00, so there really wasn't that much time spent vegetating, unless you count sleeping in -- and did some TLC on the bikes. I also put in some time cleaning up the basement workshop, then the last few hours of the day were spent on Sand Island, watching the water.
I brought my road bike in to work today, to take advantage of the Daylight Savings. It's a bit cold and windy but no longer raw, the weather definitely feels springlike. Some trees are just about ready to bloom, daffodils and crocuses are already up...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seven Hundred Dollars Later...

...and I have a new work wardrobe! At least part of one: I bought a bunch of new shirts and and slacks at the local Men's Wearhouse. Shirts came home with me, and the pants will be ready for a Tuesday pick-up.

I also need to pick up a few new pairs of corduroys, which are my go-to choice for casual work trousers. I tried hitting the Army-Navy Store, but they had nothing like that; my next foray will be to Sears or the Mall or something like that.

Not much to say otherwise, just hanging out at home today. I was going to do a Jim Thorpe ride but I think the ground is still too wet and I don't want to trash the place, and we did a road ride yesterday. Maybe the gym later? Or possibly some yoga at home, we'll see.

Tomorrow I think I'll bring the road bike to work, take advantage of some of that Daylight Savings Time.

By the way, new photos are posted, from a Friday walk along the Lehigh Towpath near Sand Island. Not quite the disaster scene I'm used to from my Easton days, but there was some serious flooding going on.