Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And The Judge And The Jury Said "Blah Blah Blah"

An evening of running around last night, starting directly after work: over to Whitehall to pick up some altered clothes, Tulum for a take-out burrito, up to Lehigh for the VMB meeting -- I am now the new club secretary -- and ending at Two Brew Tuesday with Anne and (some of) the ladies. A chunk of the VMB crew came in for dinner too, so we all grabbed one of the big round tables. We got home sometime around midnight, and for some reason I slept in this morning, trading morning coffee & breakfast for a little extra sleep. Crappy and rainy this AM, perfect for catching a little extra shut-eye.
Anticlimax: I was working on making a set of GPX tracks for all of Sals about a week ago, and there was a lot of tedious repetition at one step, repetition and tedium that I knew I could avoid if I just automated the process. Unfortunately, and for reasons that aren't important, the usual ways to automate this wouldn't work. I thought about it, did some quick research, and figured out a way to to do what I wanted. Hours of thinking about it (at work, no access to my laptop), five minutes thinking through and typing out the command, hit return and -- ding! The job was done in the blink of an eye.

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HMK said...

Poof! like magic, huh
Shut eye has its own requirementsl
As I go shut my oun now!
You should speakn to paprick= he is growing
Tough ptrp spin classes at Chelsea pier/
He just got tooth extracted & has invisible braces which hurt at the the sport, doing very long rides;