Friday, November 09, 2007

Celebrity Bear Stories

Morning weigh-in: 168.5#, 6.5% BF (uh oh)
I sent this news article to my friend Dawn to pass on to her sister Heather, who is a bear control officer in New Jersey. Heather sent me back an email: yup, she was involved, and was one of the ones investigating this. She was a little irate at the "lookit the cute bears" tone of the article, thinks that kind of attitude will eventually get someone hurt -- and she's right.
Anyway, the VMB meeting at Allentown Brew Works was pretty nice last night. To cap it off, I bought a pair of skis off one of my friends, picked them up after the meeting. Rudy and I went back inside after that, had a beer with Matt who showed up after he got out of class. Like I said, the place is pretty nice -- not as nice as good old Which Brew, and definitely too far away for regular visits, but hey, they are smoke-free... I'll be back there with Joe and Sue tomorrow for the Brew Fest.
Tonight is Wrong at Which Brew, after a towpath ride. Early night, since I have a lot to do tomorrow, starting with 8:00 AM yoga and finishing with an 8:00 PM show at Zoellner.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Logo-Pepto Bismal

Morning weigh-in: 166.5#, I forget the percentage
Passing through, not much to say. My logorrhea seems to be drying up...
Tonight is VMB meeting at Allentown Brew Works, where I may end up buying skis from a fellow member. (I'd still have to get boots though, and they'll probably need to be custom. Must investigate.)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Name Of The New Rose: How Can I Resist?

Morning weigh-in: 165.5#, 9.5% BF
Worked late, then hit the gym: full workout except that I skipped the final ab stuff (it was getting late). Dinner was a plate of black beans and a bag o'salad. Tonight is yoga. Not sure what dinner will be, but probably a turkey sub of some kind -- I'm here late again, the money is too good. I'll be buying new skis/boots for this winter, ditto new XC skis.
One More For The Wishlist: I saw this the other day, Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail, and thought "this must be a joke, right?" Nope, it's actually a non-fiction buddy/travel/mystery story about a dude whose neighbor, once the drummer for The Damned and now all into that DaVinci Code stuff, drags him along on his quest. Looks very good, in that British, A Walk In The Woods kind of way.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just An Experiment

Trying something, uploading a photo from an email post. This is a shot of me on Saturday's ride, taken by my friend "Allamuchy Joe." If this doesn't work out I'll fix the post tonight.

UPDATE: It worked (sort of, except for formating) at first, but then crapped out later -- stupid yahoo images! This ought to do it.

Waving Scallions Gradually Laughing Into Seahorses

Morning weigh-in: 167#, 11.5% BF (Stupid cheeseburger...)
Yoga last night, different kind of class, since we did a lot things with chairs as props. The teacher also announced that she was pregnant, which I'd sort of suspected for a while, but I sure wasn't going to ask -- as the old joke goes, what if you're wrong?
After that was Mug Club Night at Which Brew, hanging with Brian. He's been kind of scarce lately, and a bit pissy when he was around, but last night I was able to remember how good a friend he is -- he lent a sympathetic ear as I did a little venting.
Cloudy night, no stargazing, after WB I went home. Brian said he's been watching this event thru the telescope all week, and it's been pretty cool, though not nearly as cool as back when Hale-Bopp came by.
Tonight will be the gym, after another late night here. By the way, we now have coyotes here, or rather "coyotes," as they're actually super-realistic statues, meant to keep geese out of the pond.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Remember, Remember

Morning weigh-in: 166#, 10.5% BF (not great, but not bad for weekend damage control)
Happy Guy Fawkes Day! -- though they say the Gunpowder Plot imploded on Nov 5 in the Julian Calendar, so the actual anniversary would be a little later. Go blow something up anyway, or build a bonfire, or whatever it is you do...
Working late tonight, then "active rest" with a beginner yoga class, followed by the Mug Club dinner. Finally, I'll just kick back and  astronomize
Meantime, this is pretty funny. Mmm, I reckon... (Even better !)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

We Like Birdland

Great weekend, but now I'm afraid to get on teh scale...

Friday night was Karen singing with Philly Funk Authority. A different context and a totally different view of her: you know someone for years and you suddenly see a side of them you never even suspected. By the way, she was great -- she mostly did backup, but was the main singer for a few songs. The place (Stanhope House) was cool too, I'd definitely go back there.

I crashed that night at Joe and Dawn's, and in the morning we hit Allamuchy for Joe's "40th Birthday ride." There were probably 17 people on the ride, including Bob & Karen on a tandem, and Doug & Lori on one as well. Good riding, but short for the amount of time we were out -- not everyone there was a rocket, but we had fun. Birthday party afterward back at their place, but I only stayed for a bit, had to do the Brew Ha Ha.

That party was another blast. Kathleen and Lisa (some of my sisters in the PPRAC brotherhood) live in the Poconos, and have this party every year but I could never go before now. Everyone had to bring a different beer, something in one of four categories; there were about six beers (or ciders) in each category on average, for about 24 beers total. Even just taking small "sampler" sips, everyone was pretty loopy by the end. Plenty of great peeps I didn't know but there was also Joe & Cindy, Greg & Judy, and Eric & Kris. Plenty of appetizers and other food, great fun, prizes (I didn't win anything) and most of us stayed over.

I left this morning after watching "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." Got home, did what I called a "hangover ride" even though I actually felt fine, towpath/sals at a nice easy pace.

It Was Fifty Years Ago Today: Actually, yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the death of Wilhelm Reich, pioneering psychoanalyst and inventor of the Orgone Box. One of my favorite songs is a semi-spoken-word thing by Patti Smith called "Birdland," which is based on a memoir of Reich written by his son, who was a teenager at the time of his father's death -- in it he slowly comes to grips with all the crazy things his father told him as he drifted into eccentricity, which naturally the young boy believed absolutely. Anyway, the book is now on my wish list...