Thursday, April 01, 2004

Been a Long Time Since I Did the Stroll

I'm back. Wasn't really planning on disappearing, but you know how the time does fly... Weight: has been pretty stable at about 177# for most of this time, but it looks like it's starting to creep up; percent body fat is all over the map.

In the news:

Running is coming along OK, and I've been doing longer and faster runs on Saturday. When I run for time, my pace is on target for my sub-25-minute 5K. Next week is a rest week for running.

Biking is also coming along. I finally got my road bike refurbished, totally new Campagnolo component group including wheels. My mountain bike is in the care of UPS, on the way out to Utah (I hope).

Mike Bellush is now a married man (again). His wedding was last Saturday. Traditional Jewish wedding, really nice reception, saw the whole McVay clan there.

I would have thought I posted something here, but looking back I guess I didn't: I'm an uncle, my brother & his wife are the proud parents of Olivia Grace Kelly.

New Toy Alert: I got a digital camera, a Sony P-72 for my Utah vacation.

Vacation: I'll be gone out West, Moab and other Utah destinations, all of next week. Me, Brian, Joe & Cindy, Doug, Eric, and Bob. Should be way cool, stay tuned for stories & pictures...