Saturday, May 01, 2010


Morning weigh-in: 173#, 12% BF (wow)

I'm at Wired Cafe. I'd made a bowl of quinua flakes for breakfast but I was out of coffee at home, so I cleaned up and headed downtown, where I saw Joe G and his dogs outside the cafe, hung with him for a bit. (The summer scene on Main Street is definitely rebuilding itself, Army Jay just walked in.) It's a beautiful day, sunny and hot, and the walk up was really nice with the warm sun on my feet -- busted out the Tevas; now I'm sitting inside like a mushroom, but I'll be done here soon: got a morning mug or three, and bought half a pound of beans for home. (By the way, it looks like they're almost ready to open that Kenyan restaurant in the back, and the menu looks awesome. I can't wait!)

Rode last night at Sals, but it was a terrible night: I rode like shit, hooked up with some friends (Eric & Jaime) but I was way off the back, and I was truly hurting on anything in the least bit difficult. I don't mind being behind, I am usually nowhere near the front in the first 10 miles anyway, but last night, if there were more than 10 miles to ride I don't think I would have even made it to mile eleven...

Possible causes? Well, my lungs were full of butter from all the springtime plant activity, and that radical drop in weight might indicate nutritional issues, but I think the real problem is that I have been doing too much lately, with too many workout days in a row even if it's not all biking. So, today I am taking off completely, no yoga or trailwork or anything like that. With any luck I'll be at least somewhat recovered before tomorrow's race at Michaux -- I only hope yesterday was not some foreshadowing for tomorrow's wake-up call.

Anyway, we hit Tulum for dinner, then Doug & I went later to the Bookstore where we saw a neat old-timey kind of band (Midnight Society?) playing a sort of ragtime-like "hot jazz." We seemed to have bumped into a new subculture there too, lots of folks were wearing vintage clothes: suits with bow ties, and dresses from the thirties and forties. The band was dressed that way, but most bands there go heavy on speakeasy-era clothes/music; maybe these people were fans, or maybe it's the new thing over there, I don't know. Maybe we'll see tonight when we go back -- Doug's leading a VMB ride at Fell Mountain today, then there's a movie at Cutters Bike Shop tonight, and I think people are heading over to the Bookstore afterward. Sweet! I just have to make sure it's an early night.

Whelp, I'm almost out of here. My next task is laundry, then I am off to buy a birdbath before starting to prep for tomorrow.

Friday, April 30, 2010

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Morning weigh-in (Wednesday): 177.5#, 9% BF
Morning weigh-in (Thursday): 177#, 12% BF
Morning weigh-in (Friday): 175#, 10% BF
Anne's out of town, visiting Emmi in Knoxville, heading down with her buddies Lois & Ann in true road-trip style. In the meantime, I am on my own: I hit the gym last night, came home and ate random crap from the fridge, spent the evening in the ol' basement bike shop, and then plopped myself in front of the computer and stayed up too late.
Tonight I'll be riding Sals, then probably grabbing dinner on Southside before coming back across the river for some Brew Works / Starfish nightlife, or maybe Rippers (or Joe's or whatever). Many of the other ladies are away this weekend, and I was hoping to instigate some "Boys' Night Out" kind of pub crawl, but I think The Boys all came down with lumbago or something.
Tomorrow I may hit an early morning yoga class, then come back to help out at the Sals tree planting. Riverfusion is tomorrow too, and somewhere in there I also want to buy a birdbath -- it'll be a busy day, a "selfish day," because Sunday is Michaux. Maybe I should take it easy tonight too. Nah...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bigger Than Life

Morning weigh-in: 175#, 9% BF
RIP Floyd Dominy, 1909-2010. I only know him from from Cadillac Desert, but he sure loomed large there. It's funny, if I had been born maybe 20 years earlier, with only slightly differing sets of circumstances he could have been my nemesis, or my employer.
Meantime, Boobquake. Seriously, Boobquake? How the $#%& did I miss this? (Especially ironic since Sunday night I heard a tirade about the inconvenient bounciness of overlarge boobs, from their owner -- she's not much more than an acquaintance either. I was sitting with the ladies, and sometimes I think the ladies forget I'm not really one of them...) Anyway, results: Taiwan, 6.9, not bad.
Hit the gym last night, and tonight will be yoga, once again a class/teacher I've never taken before, followed by Two Brew & Tacos Tuesday. Tomorrow should be nice, so I'll probably be riding from work. I am now about on schedule for my revised weight loss plan.

Monday, April 26, 2010

How Sweet It Is

Morning weigh-in: 176.5#, 9% BF
Good weather makes for great weekends... I had off Friday, and we slept in (sometimes that's the best luxury I know), then ran some errands: Allentown Farmer's Market, Cutters bike store, laundry, etc, and then I went up to Camelback and rode with Rich and Joe and the crew. (What an awesome set of trails!) We rode literally until it was too dark to see, then I raced back to the valley, and Anne & I caught a couple of good bands in Easton.
Saturday was more outdoor fun, sort of: we did the CAT ride from their office over to Southside for the festival and chili contest -- it was a costume ride, and the ladies made their theme "Heels on Wheels," finding the biggest heels, and hottest skirts (!) they could for the ride -- then parked the bikes at the Wildflower and hit all the local chili being served in the street, as well as the cold beers inside the pubs, $2 dollar margaritas, burritos at Tulum... When things started winding down, a bunch of us crossed the river and did a towpath ride, finishing just in time to beat the rain. Anne and I went home and took a quick nap before the evening's festivities, from which we did not awake until Sunday, so we missed a good party at the Funhouse but I was pretty happy. Yesterday we visited Anne's mom for her birthday and went out to dinner, but otherwise it was just a lazy, rainy Sunday.
It's raining, so tonight I'm hitting the gym.