Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Did I Use To Write About?

Morning weigh-in: 192.5#, 15% BF

Posting something two days in a row, and I have run out of things to say... Got up this morning and did an abbreviated dumbbell workout, went to work, came home and ran two miles. Tomorrow is yoga in the morning, then another 2 mile run in the evening.

The biking should be going strong again soon: I just ordered new Hope brakes for my mountain bike, and before then I should have my old brakes back and refurbished -- maybe I'll put them directly on the singlespeed (currently sans front brakes, after I cannibalized them for the Turner and then wore them out), and start the season with a few weeks of high-cadence towpath spinning.

The rest of my life? Work is crazy busy, but the new mattress makes for easy sleeping -- in fact, I think it's bedtime. Good night!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Setting Up The Dominoes

Morning weigh-in: 192.5#, 26.0% BF

Got up this morning and did a few minutes of yoga (mainly just a bunch of sun salutes) before my shower, while the coffee brewed. After work I went out and ran just under 2 miles, in a less-than-impressive 25 minutes. The reason? I'll be racing another half marathon, with Anne's niece Adele in late April -- the time has come to get back into a training regimen.

Unfortunately, I'd gone out two XC skiing weekends ago; I had a great time skiing with my friends Scott and Jay, and even got a few impromptu pointers -- Jay's a pretty good skier, and usually works at a resort in winter -- but I also got a "hot spot" on the back of each heel, and when I finally went back to work, my work shoes dug right into the bad spots. I took it as  fitting metaphor for the end of my vacation...

It's still there on one heel. It's not sore unless somethings pressed against it, like say shoes or sneakers. The yoga felt fine this morning, even the down-dog calf stretching, but the run tonight was annoying. Stay tuned for more bitching, since I'll be running probably 4X a week for the next several.

Last night we stayed in (Anne has a bad cold) and we watched The Razor's Edge, the original with Tyrone Power. That was supposed to be the Golden Age of Hollywood, but I thought the more modern version (with Bill Murray, maybe late 80's) was much better.

Anyway, tomorrow is light weights in the morning, then another two miles after work. Baby steps.