Saturday, May 06, 2006


I'm back. Essentially I had/have a staph infection, probably worked its way in along the incision seam and brewed away inside, but the surgeon said it didn't look like it was too big or that it got to the hardware (which hardware, even so, may have to come out at some later date). I had one operation on Thursday morning, got a PICC line installed, another operation Friday afternoon, all the while getting pumped full of esoteric antibiotics and painkillers, and after the infectious diseases specialist reviewed the lab reports they discharged me today.

No pictures this time around; this trip was grimmer and there was less of a "holiday air" about the whole procedure, though the process itself was a lot less of a hassle than the first operation. Unfortunately, I'm really getting to know my way around Muhlenberg... Once again, cool doctors (saw a lot more MD's & specialists this time around), and waaay cooler nurses & aides than last time. Can't say I had a blast, but it was a lot better than it might have been.

Got some visitors last night, Doug & Lori stopped by for a bit, which really raised my spirits -- Doug also got me home today, so thanks again.

What's next: I am on some oral antibiotics, as well as self-administered syringes I do through the PICC line. I inject myself three times a day for six weeks, and I have weekly blood tests and visits to the infectious disease specialist, but I should be on my way back.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One Final Update

Another quick post, with some info:

1. My operation is 10:15 AM tomorrow; wish me luck.

2. I have posted a few pics on Flickr from my recent towpath ride. (The party pics were not all that good.)

I probably won't be posting until at least the weekend, see you in a few.

Time For An Important Update

The pot roast was delicous. That is all.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Well, Guess Who Needs Another Operation

Morning weigh-in: 181#, 8% BF

Things were looking pretty good, lotsa mobility and the wounds were finally closed and healing, but then this weekend the situation took a turn for the worse: I started getting inflamed, then I got a discharge, which eventually became pus. (I am eating lunch as I write this, so I won't be dwelling on what I saw.) It looked kind of bad yesterday morning, so I called the doctor to see if I could get more antibiotics, and instead was told "the doctor will see you today." Skip out of work, go to the doctor, he looks at the leg and says an oral antibiotic will not be enough -- I will need to have the wound re-opened and cleaned, then spend some time in the hospital getting an antibiotic IV drip -- I go back in on Thursday. Shit.

Worst case scenario, I may need to have a "pick line" installed for home antibiotic IV (goodbye cycling for this year), and may also have the leg wound left open, so it can be regularly cleaned etc, then get skin grafts at some later date. Shit shit shit, shit shit and shit.

Anyway, deal.

Last night I went to Jordan, walked the trails there until the VMB meeting, which was surprisingly fruitful. Meeting was 7:00 to maybe 8:00, when it started to get cold & dark. After the meeting, I met Doug & Lori for dinner at JP McGrady's, then went home and prepped the pot roast. I will be eating that tonight, unless the crock pot burns the house down...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Welcome To My Hell

Morning weigh-in: 180#, 9% BF

Taco Hell! Yes, after eating right for over a month I broke down and had some Taco Bell for dinner. Well, it was that or cereal... I did laundry last night, ran out to dry it and stopped in at Porters for something to eat but I was too late. I spotted it immediately: Doug the cook was hanging at the bar, and he had his dog with him -- a sure sign that the kitchen was closed. Had a beer and "watched the game," fetched my laundry and just couldn't help myself, made the detour...

Don't know what I'm having tonight, but I'll be preparing a crock-pot pot roast for tomorrow. I also got a good tip at Saturday's party for my Bavarian Pork Chops: toss in some apples. Not sure how "Bavarian" the recipe is anymore, but this sounds like a good addition -- I'll try it next week.

Meantime, tonight: I'm going to the VMB meeting at Jordan Park, which is at 7:00, and before that I want to get in some errands, so there will be some general rushing around after work. Not sure when I'll eat, let alone what.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dancing Fool

Went to that party yesterday, my friend Andrew's "Drinking and Smoking" shindig, after the gym and some errands. The idea was, he would provide two kegs of Weyerbacher (Winter Ale -- my favorite, and Merry Monk) and a smoker, and we would all bring meat or other food to smoke; there were also a bunch of grilled veggies. I brought one of those pork tenderloins, and, planning ahead, I took a taxi... Great party, though I only took a few photos (and only one was coherent), late at night when I remembered my camera, but by that point the party, which started out as a family-friendly afternoon picnic, and then became a fireworks show after dark, had degenerated into a few diehards dancing in the living room. I was right there in the middle of it, but I'm not sure if you can call it "dancing" when I never actually picked my feet up off the floor... Gotta hang out with that dude more often, he knows a lot of really good looking women.

Slept in a bit this morning, got up around 10:00 but with no ill effects other than a general smoky smell to my body. I got out around 1:00, rode the towpath to Sand Island, and ran into Bryan and Marge on the ride back. It was good to see them, and we talked for a bit but hey, the trails were waiting so we saddled back up and went our separate ways. I tried the singletrack along the river, which has been, um, aggressively maintained, and is now non-technical and very easy, so it wasn't as useful to gauge progress as I'd like, but I was riding singletrack.

Flickr Update: No new pics posted (I did take a few at the party and on the ride today, so stay tuned), but I took all my ankle photos, put them in order and made a set. You've seen them all before but now you can enjoy them -- chronologically!