Monday, August 14, 2006


So where have I been... uh, nowhere! Or rather, right here, but with nothing to say.

I've been riding a lot offroad: did a few towpath/Sals day-into-night extravaganzas, also hit Musikfest once or twice (including once by bike, a "beer lap" on one of my big rides). Yoga, gym, no Which Brew because they're on vacation, still managed to gain weight though my friends say it's probably muscle...

My ankle is doing really well; last visit to the surgeon was Wednesday and he basically said "You're done here, have a nice life." OK, I will! Most of my flexibility is back too, except for my toes of all things, which I notice at yoga. Must stetch my feet.

Yesterday was a kick-ass ride at Jim Thorpe, dinner was potatoes & chickpeas in a lemon-tahini curry sauce over barley. Tonight is Mug Club night at Which Brew.