Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend's Over, Vacation Starts

Morning weigh-in: 176.5#, 11% BF

A quick recap of this rather eventful past weekend:

Friday night was my Halloween night ride, with Mary, Rob & Sarah, and Roger. This, frankly, was a disappointment --none of the people I was hoping to come showed up, and the riders who were there (with the exception of Rob and Sarah) were not up for much anyway... I was also hoping to maybe stop in at a pub or two, like the very strange Fuglees, but (with the possible exception of Roger, who I don't know) everyone on the ride were vegans and teetotalers, very clean-living. Oh well. I went out afterward, caught some blues at Which Brew.

Saturday I brought my car in for an oil change at Revelation, then walked downtown to Coffee Works. On the way home I window shopped, stopped in to Utopia. Haven't been there in years, but it's still the same: bongs, bizarre knives/swords and incense up front, really nice furniture in the back.

Saturday night was the Which Brew Halloween Party. I went as a baby on its mother's back, but my costume wasn't as funny or convenient (or well-made) as it appeared on the box. So, out came the inflatble parts and the party roared on. Greg & Judy, Joe & Cindy, Doug & Lori, Eric and myself from the Chain Gang were there, and I saw plenty of other people -- basically, everyone who hangs out at Which Brew was there. Good time, but we didn't have a designated driver or a rented van this year, so things were a little more constrained. I was probably home (even after a visit to Taco Hell) by 1:00.

Sunday was the Lehigh Alumni Ride, alumni as in "veterans of the Lehigh trails," not university alumni. We were to meet at noon at South Mountain Park, but I showed up at 11:00 because I forgot to "fall back" with the clocks, so I retreated into Bethlehem, hung out at a coffee shop for another hour... Huge turnout, great ride with BBQ afterward. The infamous Bernie was there, guy who built the trail system up there way back when (he had help), and who is just now recovering from a broken neck and punctured lung suffered in a crash back in summer. One tough customer...

I posted pictures last night on Flickr, you can find the Halloween shots here and the Alumni Ride shots here. There's also a few from the Halloween ride posted. Check 'em out.

I'll be gone for the rest of the week, riding down in NC, leaving tonight for a mid-morning arrival hopefully. More on this after it happens, tune in next week...