Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FEAR Is A Weapon Of Mass Destuction

Morning weigh-in: 166#, 9.5% BF
Gym -- long, killer workout -- then Which Brew for dinner, and even though I had a nice ego stroking conversation with the owner at one point, there was a tense vibe in there last night, nothing I could put my finger on but unpleasant nonetheless. Went over to Porter's afterward, punched my mug club clock & got the previous taste out of my mouth... Tonight is yoga, and I was thinking of going back to WB tonight, but now maybe I might check out someplace else. Tomorrow morning (early) is a ride at Lehigh.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking Outward, Just A Little

Morning weigh-in: 166.5#, 8.5% BF
The Mystery Revealed: There are two kinds of people in this world -- those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't. I'm one of those who do, or at least I like his familiar older stuff, and for us there's this interesting bit of trivia: "Sweet Caroline" was actually about Caroline Kennedy.
AAARGH! Wham! Wham! Wham! A righteous post by the Doghouse
Laying Some More On The Line: And here's a righteous post over at alicublog. Then again, some cluelessness is self-protective, and not all mysteries should be revealed at once...
Yoga last night, followed by chili & a bag o'salad; tonight is the gym.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Boring You In Real Time Since Whenever

Morning weigh-in: 166#, 9.5% BF
All caught up, nothing new happened since my last posts except getting on the scale... hmmm, what to say, what to say... Still snowing, ride in was interesting. Working late tonight, then going to yoga. After that is leftover chili, more laundry and a little grocery shopping -- I'm still playing catch-up from missing my Saturday "selfish day."

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What I Did Today

The Whole Sick Crew
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Today was trailwork at Sals, and since the weather was less than optimum we had a huge turnout...

I had breakfast at the Coffee Exchange (my usual coffee place in Easton), and overheard two guys and the owner talking about "mountain biking behind St Lukes." I had to interject, said I helped build those trails and was heading down to work on them after breakfast, and these guys raved about how much they liked the trail system there. I left the coffee shop walking about three inches off the ground.

Good day of trailwork, mostly heavy, slow going (ie moving dirt) but we got things done. Lunch was JP McGradys. I'd brought my bike but no one else did, so after lunch I just went home, did laundry and took a nap.

What I Did Saturday

Sandy: More Cooking
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A scene from later in the evening, at Beth & Kevin's "13th Annual Chili Ride And Contest." We rode at Allamuchy, then went back to their place for the party and contest. This girl wins almost every year -- my chili was a bit experimental this time; I didn't expect it to win, and things worked out pretty much as I expected...

By the way, the girl in the green jacket is Laurie G, haven't seen her in years. She and her husband Bill used to do a lot of adventure races, then maybe 8-10 years ago they were rappelling off cliffs near the Water Gap when a rock broke free and fell, crushing her arm. She very nearly bled to death -- Bill climbed up the rope, got her & climbed down, carried her to I-80 & flagged down a car, and rushed her to a hospital. (Basically he saved her life by being Superman.) She spent several months with the arm sewn inside her abdomen while all the nerves & veins healed, had many operations but they saved the arm. There was actually a TV movie made about their story... Anyway, I guess that kind of slowed them down a bit, they now have two kids.

By the way, I have more photos from the party here.