Thursday, May 15, 2008


Morning weigh-in: 163.5#, 9.5% BF
Rode the towpath and Sals last night with my friend Joe (formerly of Warren Glen, and before that Easton, but now living in the Poconos), not sure of the mileage but probably about 28, just over 3 hours of riding. That's a pretty serious ride, but I was still a little surprised at the drop in weight: I've been skimping proteins and leaning on the carbs rather heavily over the past few days, which usually puts the weight on, and I thought I'd done pretty well with the rehydration thing. I like lower numbers, but I have to take this one as an ominous sign... Legs were toast last night, so I came in this morning and ate the equivalent of 4 eggs (scoops of scrambled egg w/ cheese, plus an omelet), and spent the morning feeling like I'd swallowed a bowling ball.
Meantime: A little morning yoga to make up for the missed class last night, and tonight is the gym.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5:30 Comes Around Pretty Early

Morning weigh-in: 165#, 9% BF
Rode last night, 38 miles in just over 2 hours; not counting some backing and filling time we probably had an 18-19 mph average. Me, Joe C, Greg M, Jorge, Scott S and Eric B. Great fun, very competitive ride.
More Dispatches From The Stealth Apocalypse: Your house is burning faster.
Dinner was at the Christian's Spring Hotel, and unlike the last few times I was basically the only one there. I didn't stick around either, since Joe and I had sampled a post-ride libation (Foundation Brewing's "Devil Dancer" triple IPA, 13% ABV) that nearly put me on the floor -- beyond hoppy, but you could also quite literally taste the alcohol it was so strong; it was like drinking vodka and grapefruit juice.
I'm working my way through the menu there (XSpringH), making sure I've tried everything and know my favorites before I revert to just getting the same thing every time... Last night was the beef burrito. Yeah it was good.
A-And While We Were Out Fiddling: I really think it's the fungus that will inherit the earth.
Anyway, early night. Did a few minutes of computer stuff when I got home, and then it was bedtime -- I've been coming in to work at 7:00 AM, getting up at 5:30 to make it happen, and that gets rough if the evening lasts too long. I'm riding tonight instead of going to yoga, so I did a quick workout while I was waiting for the coffee to be ready, couple of sun salutations and a pose or two, just enough to get the juices flowing. (I think that's a pretty decent morning routine, actually.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Parson's Tale

Morning weigh-in: 165#, 8.5% BF
There are a lot of religious guys here at work, though (as someone on the Internet once put it) it's more a community than a theology thing. My old group seemed to lean rather heavily Baptist, at least on the Project Management side, but this new group I'm in skews more Catholic than anything else. There's one guy who now sits near me, one of the ones I'm talking about, who reminds me of Parsons from Orwell's 1984. Big rotund guy, loud, everything he does is a chuckleheaded commotion -- and I swear the guy has sleep apnea even when he's awake. Uh, hang tough Donny Satyagraha, this ain't even in the same league as sitting near Snot Boy.
Yoga last night, and tonight is the "hard road ride." I was planning to hit yoga tomorrow as well, but I may finally get around to that towpath/Sals thing. That's supposed to be my secret weapon this training season, and I haven't even started yet.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rainy Days And Mondays

Morning weigh-in: 164.5#, 9% BF
Happy belated day, all you mothers!
Been a while since I had to do one of these, but here's a weekend update:
Friday night was supposed to be a towpath ride, but it was rainy and cold so I blew it off and went to Porters for dinner. I saw Larry, my usual Friday night ride partner, there, and he said "Please don't make me look like a wuss by saying you rode tonight!" Uh, no problem dude...
Good band, good company, but I made it an early night, even though I am very close to getting my next mug: I was tired, the beers I did have went straight to my head, and I wanted to get up early anyway.
Saturday was a brick workout day: in between errands & chores I managed to hit the morning yoga class, then the gym, and finally that Friday towpath ride, one day late -- I hooked up with Larry and we rode to the Action Wheels Spring Fling in Bethlehem. (I saw Joe G's brother Jon there, doing some stunt riding, not sure if he saw me. Didn't see anyone else there that I knew, it was mainly that BMX/downhill crowd.) I was thinking of riding Sals too while we were down there, but I still had some more errands, and Larry was on a rigid bike with semi-slick tires (ie more towpath- than singletrack-friendly), so we headed home.
Got home, got a call: Lara & Fred were having tacos in the back yard, come on over. Me, Fred & Lara, Art, Margarita, Michele, and Joe M a little later;  basically it was like a virtual pub mini get-together. The last part of the day turned out very nice, maybe a bit chilly (I was in shorts, duh), and Fred shot off a bunch of fireworks after dark, when some more friends of his showed up.
I should have stayed there, but I wanted to catch that Tommy Ramone / Uncle Monk thing  at Christian's Spring Hotel. Took off from NJ for Nazareth, I arrived just before 11:00, and once again, the show was already over... Hung out anyway, saw Frank P from the Bethlehem bike advocacy scene, as well as a Eskandalo Alison and her BF Nick -- I think that's their official hangout -- and basically the other half of the virtual Pub contingent. All agreed, I just missed a great show... Doug stopped by for a few minutes, on the way back from that trail summit at State College; he looked a bit tired, like he'd seized the day or something.
Sunday was morning chores, then I hopped on the bike again, fully intending to ride Sals. Pulled out into the back alley to get going, and that's where I ran into Which Brew regulars Mike and Carole walking their dogs. Watching their weight & their budget, haven't seen them in the usual haunts, so we got to talking -- lots to catch up on.
After that I rode downtown, thought I'd get something to eat...
I spent so much time dawdling (home, talking, and over brunch), that I decided I'd better cut my ride short: I just rode the towpath again. Good thing too, because I felt kind of tired towards the end. Saw my hairdresser one more time this weekend, out near Freemansburg -- she said she rode, now I have seen the proof if not the helmet, giving me something to harp on at my next haircut. (Also saw my friend the aggressive goose, who came out after me again, but flinched mightily & backed off when I raised my foot.)
Mother's Day dinner was with Mom & Dad in Jackson, dessert was at my brother's house.