Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Just In: An Evening

Morning weigh-in: 185.5#, 12% BF
I got home yesterday and thought twice about doing a ride, so I stayed in -- I sometimes say that there's two kinds of discipline: one that sends you out to ride in the rain, and the other that keeps you home resting on a nice day; I'm not sure what kind of discipline issue that was... Anne had been out on a long road ride, and arrived home about the same time I did. Dinner was leftover beef/beans/rice with a baked sweet potato, and the evening was spent at home; Anne read, and I posted a bunch more photos (check them out, and there's more to come). It felt good to not be running around.
Tonight is the VMB meeting, followed by Taco Night at Brew Works.
By the way, I finally remembered -- rather, I asked Anne -- what we did Friday night: we hit the Velodrome! Totally slipped my mind... We saw Pam there, and Janna with her nephew, as well as Arnie hanging with the Cycle Fitters crew and some others from the Rodale/SMB crowd. Pretty full house, actually.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Los Alamos Will Burn With You

Morning weigh-in: 185#, 12% BF
Item: The Los Alamos National Laboratory is closed today as wildfies sweep the area.
Item: Floodwaters broke through the protective dam around Nebraska's Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, luckily in shutdown mode for repairs.
Anyway... short weekend, at least it seemed that way. Friday night was pretty quiet, and we got up early on Saturday to get moving on the next phase of the Bread Oven Project: shoveling sand into the backyard, replacing the fence where it had been removed to get the materials in, going out to buy more stuff... Anne did a bit of mixing and filling with insulating earth, and I went out for a towpath ride, which was surprisingly difficult, until I remembered all that shoveling... Saturday night was at the Steelgaarden, helping Amy celebrate her birthday.
We slept in a bit on Sunday, then went out and picked up beermaking supplies -- we're making a Sierra Celebration clone. I went out to ride South Mountain while Anne got things started, and I got home in time for the pitching of the yeast. I was totally whooped, surprisingly so until I remembered the day before, but I also think that there's more pollen in the air lately, and it was robbing my wind.
I had a strange dream last night: I ran into Brian and was hanging with him. I remember asking him "Hey aren't you dead?" and he sort of waffled on his answer. Sometimes the allergy medicine makes my heart pound in my chest, like last night on the walk to Brew works, and maybe I was thinking about him, and his heart, and mortality. (There was also something disturbing in there about a memorial liqueur distilled from his body parts, but that may have had something to do with his ashes.)
Tonight is the towpath, probably with Anne.