Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wow, Hump Day Already!

Morning weigh-in: 180#, 11% BF

Let's see, in chronological order...

Friday I did a partial road ride with Doug, but my new tire was defective and we had to abort the ride when I discovered the problem after only about 2-3 miles. It was just as well, since huge rainclouds came out of nowhere, and it poured just after we got back to my place.

After that came a trip to Newark Airport: my brother and his family were visiting from Florida, and my parents needed a second car to help with transportation. Late night, the flight didn't get in until after 11:00 and we got back to my parents' house around 2:00 AM.

Saturday my plan was to ride at Huber/Hartshorne in the early morning, but I didn't get moving until around 10:00 and hit the trails around noon. Got back, visited with bro and his wife & kids, took a nap and hit the road around 4:00 or so. Tired.

Dinner that night was at Porters, with Doug & Lori and Brian.

Sunday was the annual ride/picnic. I did the shorter (40 mile) "girl ride" option, thought there were quite a few guys on this particular ride -- the longer ride looked like it would be a death march, 80-90 miles, lotsa hills, and not everyone wanted to be a part of that torture-fest. I was tired enough after 40; those guys looked like they were destroyed when the finally got to the picnic. Some swimming to cool down, plenty of summer salads, hot dogs and burgers and brews, then fireworks when it got dark enough.

Monday I got up, rode at Sals but I was exhausted, the trails were sketchy from the moisture (slippery rocks & roots everywhere), and I bagged it after only half the ride. Went home, napped & did laundry for the rest of the day. Back to Porters for an evening out while the laundry dried, but it was still an early night.

Yesterday was a sort of reprise of Monday: I rode at Sals with Mary from Genesis (did much better this time), also Kris K who met us in the woods, then went home and napped for a good chunk of the hot part of the day. I threw my sleep cycle out of whack though, was wide awake from midnight to about 2:00 AM, didn't drift off until close to morning...

Just thought I'd get the bare bones down before I forget. Meantime, I put a few more photos on Flickr, shots from another walk along the Lehigh back in May. Slowly digging out from my backlog...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Digital Dump #1

Lots of things to talk about, but first I want to record some blood pressures:

Blood Pressure (Saturday 7/01): 120/78, 60 BPM @ 8:58 AM
Blood Pressure (Monday 7/03): 124/76, 65 BPM @ 7:27 AM
Blood Pressure (Tuesday 7/04): 134/80, 63 BPM @ 7:06 AM

More later...