Friday, June 13, 2008

Quoth The Water, Furthermore

Morning weigh-in: 167#, 7.5% BF
So I'm still reading Male Fantasies. Right now I'm in the "Floods" part, where the author is constructing some Argument By Compare-And-Contrast, between the views of Wilhelm Reich and Sigmund Freud concerning terms like "oceanic," "streaming-away," and the like, in the symbology of the orgasm. It's surprisingly dry (uh, huh huh, huh huh), and I could really just flip the page with a casual "TMI, fellas," and be done with it, but I couldn't help but notice that the whole premise is something that Pynchon touched on this, and covered it better with a sentence here, and a well-turned phrase there, than I can find anywhere in this whole ponderous book. (Granted once again, this was originally a German-language PhD thesis, with all that that implies, but still.)
Anyway, moving on... true dat . Guy came to my door the other day, running for state senate or something, and I actually had to press him to admit "well uh hemmina hemmina ... I'm currently affiliated with the Republican party because, uh blah blah family values blah..." Well, thank you for your time.
Run/gym last night, then over to XSpringH for dinner. I'm going to a minor league baseball game tonight with some friends, so no ride.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Morning weigh-in: 167, 8.5% BF

That's me riding at Hubbard, photographed by their official club photographer; his photos can be found here. Meantime, I posted mine as well, and they can be found here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More New Phonebooks Are Here

Morning weigh-in: 167.5#, 8% BF
Hey check this out!
Rode a bit at Sals last night before the rain, followed by a slightly drizzly VMB meeting in the parking lot afterward, but we adjourned to the Tally Ho -- chicken cheese steak & Troegs Nugget nectar -- when the heavy stuff started to come down. Quite a turnout, especially considering the weather.
Tonight is yoga, then a light (!) dinner at home, since tomorrow is the Christian Springs Hotel "supper club," after the gym of course.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're Having A Heat Wave

Morning weigh-in (Monday): 167.5#, 10% BF
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 166#, 8.5% BF
Oh yeah, it's hot out...
This weekend was the VMB/Hubbard rides (us riding at Hubbard on Saturday, then the Hubbard crew coming down to Sals on Sunday), and I'll have more to say about that but not now -- suffice to say it was two days of fun but brutally hot riding. Not many stories, the usual "we rode and it was fun, then we hung out and drank, and that was fun too," but I do have some photos ,which I'll post in a day or so.
Meantime: Happy (belated) Birthday, Dad! But, see my comment to the previous post.
Dropped Handkerchief, Thrown-Down Gauntlet, Whatever: I felt pretty depleted yesterday after this weekend's rides, but they were short rides and this afternoon was supposed to be stormy, so I did a benchmark ride on the road bike. Just laying this down for the lurker boyzzz: Mud Run, 13:45 bottom to top, and I know I can take another 30 seconds, and maybe a minute off that time, just by being fresh. I will not be at the Tuesday night "hard ride" tonight, the VMB meeting is at Sals so I'm riding there if I ride at all; I'll leave it to all y'all to beat my score on your own.
Weird dream last night, dreamt I had typhus or dysentery or something.
In Other News: I busted a tooth yesterday, bottom right, second-to-rear-most molar. Not the whole tooth, just a corner, but still. It had been hurting for a day or so, every bite like chomping on a raspberry seed, so something must have gone wrong... doesn't hurt now chewing on that side, go figure. Have to get it looked at.
Yoga this morning (wow I was sweaty in seconds), and maybe a Sals ride tonight. Stay tuned for the possibility of some very interesting -- in a good way, or a bad way -- posts over the next week or so.