Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tonic In D Minus

Morning weigh-in: 176.5#, 12% BF
Well, that was definitely what the doctor ordered! I hit that yoga class last night and it felt great, though I was surprised at how strenuous it seemed, especially for what I thought was a beginner-oriented class. I didn't remember that part, I think I must be way out of shape... New teacher, new to me at least, since she's actually been there quite a while, I just never happened to take any of her classes, and it was fun to see a new (to me!) perspective on things.
Speaking of "what the doctor ordered:" I talked to my doctor's office the other day, and got the final and long-awaited blood test results: my Vitamin D3 levels are low (normal test value is 60-80 in whatever units, and I'm at 28), so I need to take vitamin drops for a while. I picked some up at the health food store, took a few drops, and -- I felt 100% better within hours! I wonder if that was the mystery missing nutrient I was thinking about the other day.
Happy Earth Day! I am not doing much about it today, but there is a Bethlehem cleanup on Saturday, followed by a CAT group ride, followed by the Southside Chili Contest (with musical guests Trouble City All-Stars), followed by the Great White Caps at the Funhouse -- I better walk the bike home...
Tonight is the gym, and we were tentatively planning an evening at Porters but I think that's been pushed back until tomorrow night, when we can also catch the Trouble City All-Stars at Pearly Bakers.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

But If You Try Sometimes, You Might Find...

Morning weigh-in: 177.5#, 10.5% BF
Great ride last night, beautiful weather, and I think I discovered my new "standard route," at least the one I ride after work. As I watch the passing thunderstorms outside my window right now, I'm thinking that getting out yesterday was definitely the right move. Tomorrow is the gym, so I'll be going to yoga tonight, first time in a while and we'll find out how stiff I've become...
Didn't Realize I Was So Cutting Edge! Looks like the Droid just got a ringing endorsement: Steve Jobs said that the iPhone store will not sell porn apps, and if you want porn, or if you want your kids to get porn, you should get an Android phone. (I saw this on Slashdot, where the general consensus seems to be that that porn is easily available on the iPhone, including some things specifically marketed for it, it's just that the the Apple store itself won't sell adult-oriented applications -- unless you count the Playboy app -- and meantime, you can't get actually get "porn apps" from Google's Android Market either, although, unlike in the Apple/iPhone universe, Google is not the only source for Android applications.) Well, clutch my pearls and think of the children! For some reason that reminded me of this...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beano, Comes The Hunger

Morning weigh-in (Thursday): 177#, 11% BF
Morning weigh-in (Friday): 178#, 10.5% BF
Morning weigh-in (Monday): 178.5#, 10.5% BF
Morning weigh-in (Thursday): 178#, 10% BF
A little slip, a little slide... Actually, that wasn't so bad, considering that last week was a bit of a washout: cold, sometimes rainy, and I just blew off riding for the weekend. We hit The Bookstore on Thursday night (but the only food there I could/would eat was a $2.00 pickle) hanging with Donna & Andrew and also Lori P, and Friday was a mini-pubcrawl through Southside, but dinner was Indian food at home. Saturday was a visit to Porters (with pot roast at home first), where we saw an old friend who'd moved to Florida (and also an awesome band), Sunday morning was oatmeal & bacon, and I forget what dinner was...
Last night was chili, and today is chili for lunch. Never thought I'd say it, but I'm staring to get sick of chili. Oatmeal too. I am building up a craving for something salty-crunchy-gloppy-cheesy -- I would kill for a cheese steak right about now -- and I suspect that the craving has less to do with "forbidden food nostalgia" than with some actual nutritional lack in my diet. I am going to see a dietitian pretty soon; I have a name and number, and a referral. Meantime, I am becoming a big fan of potato chips, the only thing I can eat in the office snack machine.
More Droid: What I did with my non-bike time this weekend was park myself in front of the laptop. I went through my contact lists, merged duplicate entries (phone and email lists are no longer separate things), weeded out incorrect or unused numbers/addresses, and so on; I'm now down to about 180 actual contacts from the 400 or so I had when I started.
I also put a lot of my CD's into RhythmBox on the laptop -- a bit of a hassle since there seems to be an ongoing RhythmBox vs CD player issue: plenty of questions/complaints found on The Google, but no answers -- and then dumped them onto the phone. I don't have as much music as some, but now I can hold my head high because at least my play time can now be measured in days. Ear phones and I listen while riding, aux jack and I have my tunes in the car.
Last night was the towpath, and tonight is a road ride from work. It's beautiful outside today, and the next few days might not be as nice so I thought I'd front-load this week's miles a bit.