Friday, July 27, 2007

Vermont Photos

Me On Burke Mountain
Originally uploaded by donXfive.
This is a shot of me at the top of Burke Mountain; after the day's ride, we drove to the top to check out the view. Not the best portrait because of the lighting -- I processed some others to get better brightness on the faces, maybe I should have done it here too -- but the scenery is good. You can find the rest of my photos here.


The Road To Mandalay

I've been back from Vermont (which was lovely) all week, just haven't had a chance to post. We have a new Internet policy at work, all sorts of sites are restricted now -- so the days of the lunchtime epistle are over...

Getting ready for my next trip (the Cancer Ride), which starts Sunday.

More for the wall of heroes:

Uncle Pat
Doug and Lori

Thanks for supporting me!

Linux Voyager, Hardware/Gadget Edition: I've been preparing for the trip all week, and one thing I did was buy a new memory stick for my camera. The one I already have is old; it's sort of "two-sided" and each side holds only 128 Mb, so I got a new 1-Gig card -- since the new card has a different shape it came with a special adapter for the camera. Well, the card works great in the camera, but the printer cannot read it -- my printer has a built-in memory card reader, but for some reason it reports an error when it tries t access this one. Encryption, DRM? Whatever... I had no other way to read the card, so I picked up a USB memory stick reader today. Fiddled with the fstab file and everything was A-OK. My computer is now festooned with USB gingerbread.