Friday, April 28, 2006

The Internet Reaches Its High Water Mark

In an amazing confluence of politics, Photoshop, and inside jokes, the internet has produced its crowning masterpiece. (I didn't think he could beat either the Easter Bunny or Adam Yoshida pictures.) I guess it helps to know who all those people are, but it's better to check out Fat Chicks In Party Hats. "Wrong on so many levels" has never been truer, but I haven't laughed this hard since Time Cube. Of course, that guy really means it...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Hopes, Dashed To Pieces

Morning weigh-in: 178.5#, 9% BF

Got a call last night, just before going to physical therapy: they have a problem with my insurance, so we had to cancel the appointment. Well, at least I found out at home rather than after driving there... Anyway, it was nice out so I went for a ride, about 9.3 miles on the (paved part of the) towpath and the Palmer Bike Path, with about 200-300 yards of very mild offroad. Dinner was leftover pork chops & sauerkraut, with some steamed stringbeans.

Next step: I'm waiting for a call from the therapy place, see if they have the insurance issue resolved, otherwise I'll just have to pick another place. If I don't go somewhere tonight, I'll hit the gym.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cue The "Rocky" Theme

Morning weigh-in: 178.5#, 11.5% BF

Bavarian Black Forest Porkchops: How very Walpurgisnacht... Had those Bavarian pork chops last night. I think I'm getting jaded, I came home last night and the house smelled of dinner cooking, but I wasn't as impressed as last time. Still tasted good though, and I steamed some asparagus to go along with it.

Giant Steps: I was going to do a ride last night, but it looked like rain so I skipped it and ate dinner, then I decided to go anyway. Rode around three miles, maybe a little more, mostly in the neighborhood alleys and quieter streets. Ran into my old neighbor, Dapper Dan, and talked for a few minutes.

Tonight is my first night of therapy.

A Victory for Cubists Everywhere: I see that today is not just the anniversary of the start of the Chernobyl disaster, but also of the attack on Guernica.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Word For World Is Forest

Just got back from a short walk: waiting for the cafeteria to open, I walked out the front door of the building, around and and back in at the side door, past a bunch of flowering, landscaper-planted trees, maybe apple. Nice scent in the air from the flowers, a little like being in the woods when the mountain laurel blooms. (I was disappointed that I couldn't watch spring come this year, except for looking at it from passing car windows. Luckily, the mountain laurel isn't for another month.) I think I'll go for a ride tonight, obviously something easy but I'll definitely be down to check out the river & towpath.

Dinner tonight will be Bavarian Pork Chops, slow-cooking away as we speak, so it should be done when I get home. I did a food run last night, bought another month's supply of meat, plus an extra pork tenderloin, which I'll bring to that dude Andrew's "Drinking and Smoking" party. (He's supplying a keg, but all guests have to bring some meat to cook in his smoker.) That's happening this Saturday -- which is also the season's first trailwork day at Allamuchy, more time in the woods -- and he lives along the towpath, so I may try riding to the party as well.

Meantime, I guess I'll check out the canopy tonight...

UPDATE: I just counted them up. All told, I have 982 photos online.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sloosha's Crossing

Stayed in Friday night, played with computer.

Saturday I went to Coffee Works for breakfast, then the gym, and then went to the Quadrant for lunch and to buy some unground coffee. I was too tired/footsore after that for any other shopping or errands, so I just went home afterwards & took a nap. Crappy weather anyway, didn't feel like being out.

Saturday night I went out to Which Brew (no band) and met Brian for dinner. Early night for both of us.

Sunday I stayed in most of the day. Got up at say 8:00 AM, but immediately parked my butt in front of the computer, didn't even eat breakfast until noon. As a followup to conversations with trainer Dawn (who's reading a biography of Cicero), I downloaded Xenophon's Anabasis from the Gutenberg Project, and reading it while jamming out to the Electronica charts from SoundClick, weird juxtaposition I know but it kept me entertained...

I kept at the computer most of the rainy part of the day, then when it cleared up I decided to go look at the bikes. I did a little post-ride cleanup on the Turner, only seven weeks after the fact, then I got up some nerve and rode the Surly around the block, then I took the Turner out for a one-mile ride. Seven weeks to the day, and I'm at least technically back on the bike.

My morning routine is now to get up early & get ready, then kick back on the recliner for a few minutes of "foot higher than my heart" before going to work. I usually read a bit while I'm there, nothing big, mostly either short essays or a few pages of some book I already read. This morning I read part of Cloud Atlas, which I've been dipping into quite a bit lately. The part I'm reading is called "Sloosha's Crossinn an' Evr'ythin' After," or something like that. It's the story, told by an old man in Hawaii, maybe 1000 years from now, to his grandkids about how he escaped enslavement when his society was invaded and destroyed. Amazing story for a lot of reasons, but it just struk me how the behavior of the Ten Thousand with respect to the natives in northern Turkey was so similar to what happened to the invaded people in this other story.