Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Sunshine

Morning weigh-in: 184#, 13% BF (remember these?)
Sun came after work yesterday, so I blew off yoga and went for a short ride at Jacobsburg instead, with Anne and Donna. It was a bit wet/muddy in places, and the horse poop issue continues unabated, but we had fun. We passed Brew Works on the way home and saw cars with bikes on them, the post-ride libations of some fellow bike club members, but we'd been out Monday, and Tuesday, and we were tired and dirty, and so last night was a night in.
It's beautiful out right now. I have the road bike here with me today, and we have a group ride planned for Jim Thorpe tomorrow; it looks like the bike doldrums are starting to fade even if the weekend is supposed to be wet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I met Anne and company for dinner last night, good times including the ubiquitous "Bittersweet Symphony" -- we hear it at least once every time we go to the Brew Works, and we're there quite a bit...
Partway through the evening Anne got a call: some guys were up from DC to buy her and Ben's Pedi-Cabs, so we went over to the parking garage where she keeps the bikes, and we did the deal. She'd been trying to sell them for over a year, but I think even I was a little sad to see them go, and she and Ben had been doing this together since 2003.
Anyway: haircut, tacos (3 for $3), Pawnshop Porter, Richter's Red. Tonight is yoga and probably laundry.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Been A Long Time Been A Long Lonely Lonely Lonely

Whelp, I guess I didn't have as much downtime as I thought I would... super-busy at work the past few weeks, and lotsa running around afterward left me no time for blogging -- this was probably my longest dry spell ever.

What's been going on? Well I went to Missouri for work about a month ago, then I went to Washington, DC for my birthday weekend; I've been trying to get in some riding in the meantime, but the weather has been less than cooperative.

Reading #1: Elements of Mathematical Ecology by Mark Kot, a birthday gift from my mom -- thanks Mom! Yes, I am back on the Lotka-Volterra kick again...

Reading #2: The Possessed: Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them, by Elif Batuman. This was a gift from Anne, and it's pretty awesome: just a long string of slightly bizarre, almost-pointless anecdotes so far, but I totally can't out it down.

We hit a bookstore in DC, and I picked up a new copy of Gravity's Rainbow (wore my old one out years ago), as well as an unfinished novel by David Foster Wallace.

Listening: Just downloaded some Shins album last night, their first I think. It's pretty good, and strange how I already know most of the songs. (I also recently got "License to Ill," and the first Stone Roses album, but those were more like replacements.)

I'm off to get a haircut in about two minutes, then heading down to meet Anne and the knitting crew for Taco Night.