Friday, July 22, 2005

Full Moon Boogie

Morning weigh-in: 177#, 9.5% BF

Jacobsburg last night, on the Surly. I got there & realized I forgot my front wheel, so I had to return home to get it -- thus I was about a half hour later than I wanted to be. My first arrival had Rich B, Brian H, and Greg & Judy in the lot & ready to ride; my second arrival got me there at the same time as Scott S (6:30-6:45), so we rode together until we ran into the others. As usual, I saw Marv, Lance (as he was driving home) , Lee, the Blue Mtn crew, etc etc, typical Thursday mob scene up there.

A little BBQ at Greg & Judy's afterward, then good night. Tonight I'll probably do towpath/sals.

Meantime: I posted all the halfway-decent shots from Memorial Day on my Flickr account. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

Morning weigh-in: 177#, 9% BF

Rode Towpath/Sals last night: 30.02 miles in 2:59... Started at 5:40, and according to the Fritch Fuel clock I crossed the Hill-to-Hill Bridge at 6:33 (temp 88 degrees F); after riding Sals I recrossed the bridge at 7:43 and 86 degrees -- these times are now pretty much par for the course... I run out of steam though, same place (Upper Spanky Trail) every time, then get it back just enough to finish, must be the heat.

Today is supposed to be less humid than it has been, but hotter.

When I got home I got a call from Doug; they were going out to eat and would meet me at Which Brew. They went to Porters for food (they like the menu there better) but I was faster than they were, got to WB and had already ordered so we ate dinner together in different restaurants... they stopped by WB after they ate, but it was an early night. Poor Lori got an earful, Doug on one side, me on the other,of politics/religion/gasohol/etc.

I should be able to pick up my road bike tonight, then I'll go to the gym, maybe do the short Harmony ride beforehand.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

C'mon Kids, Don't Be Down! It's Salisbury Steak Day!

Morning weigh-in: 178#, 13% BF

Not much to say. As you can see, I spent the evening playing with the computer... I also brought the road bike in to Cycle Funattic yesterday for its pre-PPRAC check-up, & to get a cyclometer and some required blinky lights, then cleaned/lubed the Turner after Sunday's ride. Plus laundry, yadda yadda.

Tonight if the weather holds I'll ride the Towpath to Sals.

Re-reading: Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. There's a group reading on the Pynchon mailing list, while everyone waits for Tom to write another one. (Hint for the book club: this one's a keeper.)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Back Through Time Via Photos

Still experimenting. In reverse chronological order: Joe G and Pete H at our campsite (Mountain Bike Weekend), my nephew Chris swimming at my parents's house (my dad's birthday), Tom & Barb's wedding, biking in Burlington, and Kris R at the finish line for the Burlington Marathon.
Update: Dang. This isn't what I wanted, it's not even in order...

More Linux Voyager, Only In A Speedboat

Boy, sure wish I had access to this kind of power back in college. I saw a reference to this program over at SDF, didn't even realize it was already on my machine! Lotta fun playing. (Wow, must be a full moon, I'm turning into -- not even a geek, a nerd...)

Meantime, here's a picture from Heath and Margarita's wedding -- just experimenting with Blogger's new image features, I'll add the full set into my Flickr account later in the week. This was the weekend before last, a small party/BBQ at her house after the ceremony.

All Picnic'ed Out

Morning weigh-in: 178#, 11.5% BF

Yesterday was the Chain Gang annual picnic (and rides, of course). Great day, riding was good despite serious eyeglass-fogging visibility issues -- not to mention total body sweat-soak -- in the moderate heat but near-100% humidity. We got back, hopped into the lake, then observed the "eating phase" inside the pavilion, to avoid the intermittent downpours. I was totally drained, went to bed by 8:30 last night.

Other than that, the weekend was uneventful: Friday night towpath ride, Saturday "selfish day."

I've been to an average of more than one picnic/party/BBQ per weekend since late June, think I've finally gotten all the burger & dog & potato salad cravings out of my system...