Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Ocean Refuses No River

Morning weigh-in: 174#, 9.5% BF
You Can't Fight City Hall! Instead of going to work yesterday afternoon, I decided to blow it off in favor of a haircut, and some quality time with my laptop. Off to Eskandalo in Southside Bethlehem, where I had to use metered parking but the meter was broken -- I only found this out after putting in two quarters. I said "screw it," and went in for my haircut (which was lovely), and sure enough, when I got back to the car there was a parking ticket waiting for me on the windshield. D'oh! I called the number and complained, and got a phone call that the Bethlehem Parking Authority had verified my claim of a broken meter, and I was off the hook.
So I went off to Wired Cafe with the laptop after all that, parking in a metered space once again, over by the Brew Works. Did a few things (including posting more photos, check them out), came out, and found another ticket. I had a good run but I guess my Parking Karma had caught up to me: this one was legitimate.
(By the way, the laptop is still not 100% un-cranky. Still working on it.)
Listening: I told a friend I liked some of her music, and she got me a copy; turns out that it's the soundtrack to a prenatal yoga class. I guess my belly has been getting bigger lately, but still... (The title to this post is from one of the songs. In case you were wondering.)
Now I'm Somebody! Check out this article, especially the photos -- like, who took them.
"...the unimaginable Pacific... the hole left by the Moon's tearing-free and monument to her exile; you could not hear or even smell this but it was there, something tidal began to reach feelers in past eyes and eardrums..." -- Thomas Pynchon

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Missions Accomplished!

I took off this morning to get my dryer repaired (done: it was a burned-out wire, not the heater element), then called a trash hauler and had the other one removed (done), and finally I made an appointment to have my car inspected (still to do, but I have the appointment). I am now doing laundry -- and drying it! -- uploading some pictures, and then I'll be heading back into work for the day. Excelsior!

(Anne and Judy just stopped by. They were at Rachel's dad's funeral, which was held at the place around the block from here, and were on their way to Doylestown -- they were carpooling so Anne dropped her car off here rather than leave it at the funeral home.)

Meantime, on the SS Linux: I managed to totally lock up the laptop, still not sure how but it's OK now, and updated over 1000 programs (but the wireless connection is still funky when it comes to WEP encryption) plus added a few others. My next task is to use it to upload pictures -- my new photo program comes with a feature to do this automatically, so I want to give it a try. More missions getting accomplished there every day.

Anyway, last night was yoga, where I felt stiff and unwieldy, I've been away so long, and tonight is the gym which will no doubt also hurt. Dinner tonight will probably be making pasta & tuna with wilted greens.

Whelp, back to work.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike? What's That?

Pretty good weekend, finally did something I haven'tbeen able to do in a while: I biked!

I rode the towpath Friday night with Larry (below-freezing cold and windy), then yesterday Anne and I went up to Jacobsburg at the end of the afternoon, a fun ride with Spanky Greg, Robin (whom I don't know well, she's just starting out riding), and Rob L. (We also saw Joe G but didn't get to talk.)

Early this morning I went up to Sals by myself, though I did run into Greg, Eric B, and Joe & Cindy, then Anne and I did a road ride over to Emmaus for some coffee and breakfast. I guess I'm back in the saddle.

By the way, that's me, a photo I took through my laptop's webcam.