Friday, April 22, 2005

Trail Crew At Allamuchy

Allamuchy: The Crew
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This photo is from last Sunday at Allamuchy, as Bob gave us the rundown on what we'd be doing that day. (From the left: Nelson, Rich, Doug, Jose, Lori, Bob and Brian.) We basically put in a bunch of water bars and other diversions, to stop erosion on an old logging road. About four hours work, for five waterbars or so, then we rode of course.

Pre-race: Me at Blue Marsh

Pre-race: Me at Blue Marsh
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Morning weigh-in: 180#, 13% BF

I was feeling tired after work today (good ride last night at the 'burg, by the way), and it was cold & rainy so I decided to play with the 'puter instead of ride. I uploaded a few recent photos; here's a shot of me, before the race at Blue Marsh. This was the day after my birthday, two weeks ago.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Days Drag But The Weeks Fly By

Went to the gym last night, immediately after work; after that was the Chain Gang meeting, which we had at Which Brew. Nice enough evening.

Crazy dreams lately, but pretty cool because the predominant colors have been green and blue. Last night was a sort of reprise of the CG meeting, except that we were skateboarding and 4-wheeling, somewhere that looked like a cross between Montana-style Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. It was cool, I saw a whale, a white beluga surfacing almost directly below me, in as I was hugging a tree and leaning over a cliff into a cove. The night before, I was on an island, maybe somewhere in Hawaii, with a lot of corn growing: scenery and situation were a cross between Cloud Atlas and Blood Meridian. I remember having to retrieve my bike (or maybe it was a fish net) at a trail crossing in the corn, blue sky above & corn-green mountain to my right, and having to look both ways, up & down the trail, keeping on the lookout for evil strangers...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Morning weigh-in: 180.5#, 13.5% BF

Rode last night, towpath plus about an hour at Salisbury; I barely made it home before full dark. Dinner was beans & rice, then I went to Which Brew, made reservations for tonight (Chain Gang meeting) and wished my friend Scott a happy birthday. Did pretty good, only ordered a piece of dessert & didn't overindulge on the beer, but blew it all by going to Taco Hell on the way home.

Finished reading Blood Meridian. Very good, now highly recommended by me. My only complaint is that, at the end, it gets a little Faulkneresque -- and sometimes, "Faulkneresque" isn't really a compliment...

By way, the trees are pretty much in bloom.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Still Nice Out

Morning weigh-in (Monday): 179.5#, 13% BF
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 180.5#, 13.5% BF

Took yesterday as a rest day, did laundry, dishes etc. Dinner was black beans w/ rice. Tonight will be a towpath ride, possibly with a hot lap at Salisbury mixed in, then beans (red this time) & rice again for dinner.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ahhh, What A Weekend!

Friday night was the traditional Lehigh Towpath ride, Brian H and myself, followed by dinner at Which Brew. Early night because I had a pretty big day coming up.

Saturday was "The Running of the Dogs," a race put on by Team Bulldog at Kittatinny Valley State Park; it was set up in a fashion very similar to 24 hour racing, except teams were two-person and rode together rather than 4-man relay -- the race was only three hours long too, which was good. I rode it with my friend Bob W, and we raced as a Men's Sport Vet team, but we did it on singlespeeds. He was on a 29"-wheeled Karate Monkey and I was on my 1x1: one gear and no suspension and my whole body was exhausted by the time we were done. We got in five laps though, or 25 miles, within the time limit, and came in 3rd (third place out of four teams that is, but we were the only singlespeeders in our category). We were happy; we didn't really go out there to be full-on competitive, which is a good thing because Bob was so much faster than me we that were a rather mis-matched team -- teammates had to ride together, and Bob spent a far greater percentage of time riding easy, while I played catch-up, than the word "race" might imply...

Saturday night was a quick trip to Bethlehem, for appetizers and cocktails at the Starfish (nice, but expensive), then wings at Brew Works (much more reasonable). In between the race and the cocktails was a nice long nap.

Sunday we got together again, Bob and myself with Doug and Lori and Brian, plus two of Bob's Allamuchy friends, for some trailwork at Allamuchy. We did about four hours of work, putting in waterbars and diversion ditches to keep the heavy rains from eroding trails, then we got on our bikes and rode about ten miles. Doug and Lori were on the tandem: and it was her first real experience riding (as opposed to say hiking) at Allamuchy, and it was a great day for it too. We had a blast, though Brian tweaked his derrailleur and had to leave early.

After that came a huge outdoor lunch/dinner in Hackettstown, then home and another nap. I spent the last hour of daylight reading Blood Meridian on the porch.

Tomorrow will probably be a rest day, or maybe the gym. G'night.