Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Morning weigh-in (Sunday): 179# 12.5%
Morning weigh-in (Monday): 175.5# 10.5%
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 177.5# 12%

Forgot to check Saturday, forgot what weight was Friday. Oh well.

Interesting times lately: Thursday nite was crazy at Which Brew, like someone put flirt juice in the beer or something, the ladies were actually kind of ahh... aggressive, not that I'm complaining... Friday, Joe said he was "scared to go back," but I went & caught the band "Warm Apple Cider" (friends of bartender Carrie, not bad but I've heard better). Talking to some girl, thought it would be a reprise of the previous nite (she actually asked me if I came there often) but not this time.

Saturday was the Wind Gap Science fair, which I (among others) judged. It meant getting up a little early (and dealing with a tractor trailer lying on its side, blocking the road into Wind Gap, making me & everyone else late), but way fun. I worked with Charles, a High School aquabiology teacher, and Lauren, a microbiologist for a vitamin maker, and we judged the 7th Grade and 1st Grade exhibits. Some were pretty lame (I'm talking about the 7th graders) but some were very good. The younger kids were cute and much more fun, though you couldn't expect much in the way of "experimental science" from them; Al & Colette's son John was among the 1st Graders & had something about a tractor pull. (Al & Colette were both there as well; she was with John & Al was judging the Egg Drop contest.) Interesting day, or rather, morning. In the afternoon I went down to the Lehigh and ran for an hour, easy pace, and the evening was dinner with friends -- while we were at the bar waiting for our table, the bartender kept us entertained with amazing card & magic tricks.

Sunday was spent riding in Jim Thorpe, a good day of riding I must say, but I guess you had to be there...

Monday was the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Awesome, but more about it some other time.

This brings me up to date here, signing off.