Thursday, April 16, 2015


Morning weigh-in: 196#, 16.5% BF

Had a salad for lunch yesterday, then a very healthy dinner, with a towpath ride in between...

Counting backwards: we saw poet Billy Collins Tuesday night with Judy (and a whole bunch of other people we recognized in the audience) at Lehigh, then last Thursday we saw the Decemberists in Charlotte NC with Emmi, and the Sunday before that we saw Hamlet at the Wilma Theater in Philly, followed by dinner with Anne's niece Heather who works there.

(By the way, we were on vacation last week, going to Philly, then southern Virginia, then Charlotte and finally Durham. Great trip but we were exhausted afterward.)

Tonight, sad to say, is a viewing for my friend Lori's mom, who passed away last weekend.