Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shuffle On Down To Big Bear

Morning weigh-in: 175#, 11% BF
Oh well, back to weekly spewing -- which astute between-the-lines readers know, means that the weight's gone back up... it also means I've been very busy at work, and also at home, and yadda yadda, but -- well, there you have it: the real reason. Meantime though, I updated photos last night, and there are a lot of new entries from recent events: Ben's "Russian Party" (a week ago Sunday),  Brian's surprise 50th birthday party (last Saturday), the Talking Heads tribute (Saturday night), and a Jim Thorpe ride with Anne on Sunday. Those pictures are probably all I'm going to say about those events, so go check them out!
The house is suddenly very quiet again. Emmi left for Knoxville on Sunday, but Ben's girlfriend visited for a few days, and some of his school friends have been coming around, so things stayed fairly lively until last night, when Ben left for school (and ultimately St Petersburg, Russia -- he won't be home again until August of next year). I guess "bittersweet" could describe the mood last night.
I haven't been getting much riding in this week, since most of my time has been spent prepping for the race this weekend. My bike is now ready (and I hope I am too), I have found and and transferred all my camping gear from the apartment to Anne's basement, and now all that's left is tossing it into the car and hitting the road tomorrow morning -- the rest of my team should be down there by the time I arrive. Stay tuned for stories and pictures...