Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Trigger Pulled And Deed Is Done

I left my bike and shoes/helmet/pack/gloves out overnight Sunday, as well as a bunch of clothes I put on the line to dry, expecting yesterday to be sunny... I noticed a cloud on the way home, figured maybe a ride wouldn't be smart, then realized I might not even beat the rain home - almost made it built not quite. Anne had already grabbed my laundry and brought it in, but the bike stuff got a bit damp.

Either way, no ride yesterday, so last night was the night I installed Ubuntu on Anne's old MacBook Pro - it was so old it could no longer get any software upgrades, but the hardware itself still worked fine, and this was something we'd been planning for a while. She'd already backed up all of her files, so I basically overwrote the entire drive, no more Mac and hello Linux.
Looks good, though it will probably take a bunch of tweaks before everything's "just so." If I like what I see I might also upgrade my laptop.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Woo! Holiday Weekend!

Well that was a fun one!

I took off Friday and we had an afternoon pizza party (making our own pizza in the bread oven); Anne invited a bunch of her nieces and other friends with young children, and we had a bedlam-styled blast.

Saturday was the 4th, and unfortunately it rained - as in, it poured - in the morning, so we did not get in the ride we had planned, but we puttered around the house, and later in the afternoon we stopped in at Greg and Judy's BBQ before going up to Jim Thorpe.

We got in our bike ride yesterday morning: just over 32 miles, casual pace. Home, more easy living, then we went over to Steelstacks to watch the World Cup final. Awesome game! Awesome weekend.