Monday, May 18, 2015

We Burned Through That Weekend

We had volunteered to host our friend John's surprise 50th birthday party, which was this last Sunday, so Friday was an enormous amount of yard work, along with a visit from the plumber around noon (which meant getting up early so we could do all of our weekend errands, running around and being back home before the plumber). We got a lot done, all in all, but it was a long whirlwind of a day.

Saturday was the second in the "Earn Your Beer" running race series, the Weyerbacher 5K. Pretty hilly course, and we kept it to just one beer after the race, but the event was a lot of fun and great people watching. I remembered the first race, where I came home after 7 miles and 3 beers and passed out, so that's why so many of our weekend chores were scheduled for Friday. (I actually did nap for a bit, but Anne got in some more gardening...) The afternoon and evening was spent cleaning and preparing the inside of the house.

Sunday was another early start, getting the last preparation done, and people starred coming over to help around 1:00; the party proper starred at 2:00, and John showed up at 2:30, and was properly surprised - or so we thought. He gets up to say thank you, but then adds "this is a surprise, but not the one you think: Donna and I planned this together, because we are getting married today, right now." And they did!

Most awesome surprise party ever.