Thursday, March 04, 2004

a screeching halt

Morning weigh-in (Wednesday) 178#, ??? body fat
Morning weigh-in (Thursday): 177#, ??? body fat

Hitting a brick wall here, nothing to say, even forgot the weight statistics...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Morning weigh-in (Monday): 175.5#, 14% body fat
Morning weigh-in (Tuesday): 179#, 13.5% body fat

Nothing much to say, blew off spinning last nite (had to do some car registration stuff) then ate a ton of bar food at Which Brew. Very tired this morning, so I blew off running in favor of extra sleep. Weight wasn't too forgiving, so I also had a sausage egg & cheese sandwich at work...

Just heard a young jazz pianist nemed Vijay Iyer, bought both his albums online. You heard it here first folks, this guy is the one they'll be talking and writing books about in a hundred years or so, destined (unless I jinx him) for greatness.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Flake Central

Morning weigh-in: 177#, 13% body fat

I woke up tired, so blew off both the MTB ride (actually, blew that off last nite) then blew off the road ride, since it sounded like it would be fast & hard (I was right: I just talked to Doug, and he said it was fast & hard). I went to the Quadrant for some coffee and a corn muffin, then decided to ride to the Green Cafe for brunch, called Joe but he already had something else planned.

That freaky (and not in a good way) girl Wendy was there running the show, and then Dave came in to put the finishing touches on the buzzkill ambiance... jeez, wonder how he knew I'd be there? I think the ol' GC has lost its magic for me.