Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just A Spring Clean For The May Queen

I'm back, again. Where have I been? Well last weekend we went down to Rehoboth Beach to hang out at Dogfish Head's brewpub -- insanely good beer, acceptable pub fare, verdict: worth the trip -- but the real answer is "nowhere in particular, right here," though I have been busy.

The world is getting ready for spring, despite the recent crazy weather here (rain, snow). I did some trail maintenance at Trexler two weekends ago, basically clearing invasive brush from near the trails, and last Sunday I did some work (and got in my first ride) at the new trails being built at Nockamixon. Sweet!

Unfortunately, the industry -- my employment industry, not the bike industry -- seems to be gearing up for summer as well: I was scheduled to travel for a plant inspection this Friday, and they tacked on another trip, so here I am at the airport waiting for my first flight. I am out of town until Friday night, which is exactly why my tooth broke on the way to work this morning. Classic!

I expect to have quite a bit of downtime over the next few days, stay tuned for more updates...